What is STEM and 5 Ways to Learn at Home

An emphasis on learning STEM-related topics is incredibly important for your child’s early years to ensure he or she is prepared for the future. To be sure, focusing on topics related to STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, helps children understand basic concepts at an early age, allowing them to excel in the classroom, both now and in the future.

But is STEM-based learning really that important for your child? And is there any way to incorporate this type of learning at home before your little one goes off to school? If you’re curious and interested in how your child can benefit, continue reading this guideline, which contains five ways to learn STEM at home, as well.

Why is STEM Important?

What is STEM, really, and why is it such a hot topic these days? Ultimately, STEM is a relatively new form of curriculum implemented by the federal government in 2009 that aims to focus on the aforementioned four topics (science, technology, engineering, and math). And there’s solid reasoning behind this drive towards STEM, as well; the United States Department of Education asserts that the number of STEM-related jobs will increase significantly over the next few years, signaling the need for a new cohort of youth prepared to fill in the gaps.

As such, it is absolutely vital that you incorporate STEM-based learning with your child, even before he or she goes off to the first year of school. And with the five following ideas, you can make STEM learning a fun activity at home for you and your child.

what is STEM

Learn About Coding

The name Tesla is generally synonymous with science and innovation, along with a drive to pioneer new types of technology that provide benefits to countless individuals. And now, your child can get involved in the science revolution with the Tesla Kit. This amazing STEM toy is perfect for anyone to learn about the benefits of STEM activities. With this toy, your child can engineer and code countless projects and develop problem-solving skills that will certainly be useful in the future.

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A Dollhouse for Engineers

Do your little ones love to play with dolls or other little figurines? If so, then get ready to have some fun with the Roominate Chateau for kids. This sweet toy will get your child excited about STEM activities, as it lets kids use battery packs and connectors to build a house complete with a moving fan, elevator, carousel, or more. This great STEM toy adds an entirely new science-related dimension to the fun of playing with a house for dolls and figurines.

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A Storybook to Go Along with STEM Activities

Combining reading with STEM activities can help keep the interest of children who are learning about the world of STEM for the first time. And you can keep your child interested in learning about the concepts involved with STEM by surprising him or her with the GoldieBlox and the Builder’s Survival Kit. This fun STEM toy for kids is perfect for any little one who loves to read and learn about new ideas related to science. With this toy, your child can utilize 190 different pieces to create an endless array of inventions, all with the help of the book that contains a story about Goldie and her adventures.

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Play with a Robot Using Visual Commands

The world of robots and artificial intelligence is quickly approaching. And now, your little one can be prepared for this amazing future by spending time with the Ozobot Bit, a desk-friendly programmable robot that uses optical sensors to read commands made by your child. This toy’s simple color language is based on combinations of red, blue, green and black that can be drawn on paper or on digital screens to control the robot’s behavior. And this fun robot also supports programming with a program based on a popular system developed by Google. Learn all about programming and robots with this fun toy for kids.

What is STEM and 5 Ways to Learn at Home

Build a Security System

Imagine programming and developing your very own door alarm security system that your little one can use to keep intruders out of the house. And with the Room Defender Security System, you can create a new piece of technology while developing skills related to all four categories of STEM. This awesome door alarm lets your little one learn the basics of computer programming while creating a fully functioning security system that you can use at home.

What is STEM and Why is it Important for Your Child?

In today’s society, all children should be studying a curriculum that focuses on STEM to help ensure they excel in the future. And if you want to start by learning STEM at home with your little ones, consider trying these fun activities with your child this year.

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