What is a Yardboard Toy?

Spooner Yardboard

If your child hasn’t already tried playing with a Yardboard Toy, then she is missing out on one of the newest crazes in children’s toys that is sweeping the nation. They are fun and interactive, and provide the perfect new way to ride about on snow, gravel, grass, and other surfaces.

But what exactly is a Yardboard toy? Are why are Yardboards so great for children? Don’t worry if you find yourself asking these questions; the following provides information on Yardboards, and may help you decide if you should pick one up today for your little ones.

What is a Yardboard?

Yardboards are simply a new type of device that makes moving a blast. Spooner Yardboard, are similar to sleds and snowboards, although they offer so much more for children over the age of six. Shaped like a regular snowboard, a Yardboard allows your little one to stand on top and go sliding down a snowy hill. But here’s the best part – you don’t even need snow to enjoy one of these great new toys. Yardboards are designed to slide down snow, gravel, dirt, and grass and still function just as well. Your child can enjoy one of these toys all year round.

What Makes Yardboards Different than Sleds and Snowboards?

The biggest difference between snowboards and Yardboards is that Yardboards can function on a variety of different surfaces, making them more versatile than basic sleds or snowboards. But they have other differences still that set them apart from these traditional toys.

You also don't have to worry about spending a fortune on boots, bindings, and all of the gear that snowboards need. Yardboards don't have straps, the grippy pads on the top mean your kid can wear any shoes or boots and still ride, this also makes this toy easy to share.

Furthermore, each Yardboard comes with a strong nylon rope that your child can grip while riding down a mountain or hill. With the rope, you can pull your little kids around to help them learn to balance on the board before hitting the hills.As they learn, holding the rope will help your child stay standing, and is useful for steering as well. If your kids are older, they might like this feature for doing jumps.

Is the Yardboard Right for Your Child?

Yardboards are sweeping the nation, and children everywhere are quickly falling in love with these fantastic new outdoor toys. But how can you tell if they are right for your little ones? Yardboards are best for active children that love to spend time outdoors. These toys are great for little ones that are ready to ride rough-and-tumble down a hill, and are always looking for a new adventure. Plus, they are also great for children that are looking for a new challenge; for example, if your child is ready to start learning to snowboard, put her on a Yardboard for some added excitement.

Is your child ready for a Yardboard? If so, pick one up today and get ready for a wild ride!