What to Do with Old Toys

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As loving parents, we often try to provide our children with as many toys as they could possibly need. We offer learning toys to help develop their minds, active toys to improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills, and even different abstract toys to allow our kids to use the full power of their imaginations to determine their own fun.

Of course, because many of us supply our kids with so many toys and games, we may find, years (or even months) later, that the playroom is filled with numerous kids’ activities that are no longer used, and, as such, are simply taking up valuable space in the house. Here, while you can choose to let them remain for sentimental purposes, there are a variety of other paths you can choose to help repurpose your old toys.

If you are looking for a few ideas to help you find uses for old toys in the playroom, consider this short guide that will allow you to clear up extra space around your home.

Toy Drive for Children in Need

While your children may be lucky enough to have parents who provide them with everything they need, not every little one is in the same situation. In fact, many children pass through their younger years with only one or two main toys, as their parents or guardians are instead focusing funds on more pressing needs, such as basic food and shelter.

If you have old toys lying around the house, consider donating them to a toy drive this year to children in need of such activities. This will repurpose the old toys, and allow you to feel a sense of satisfaction for your assistance.

And best of all, you can turn this action into a lesson in charity. Tell your children that you want to collectively give away a few of their old toys to other kids in need. By informing them of the purpose, your children may feel proud to part with some of their games if they are going towards other little ones in the area who need help.

Recycle the Materials

Do you have numerous toys sitting in your children’s playroom that are made of wood or other natural materials? Or is the room filled with different plastic toys that are gathering dust? Depending on the specific material of the toys in your playroom, you may be able to recycle the toys altogether. Toys made of wood, bamboo, or other natural materials are generally easy to recycle; toys made of plastic may still be recycled, although this may ultimately depend on the specific type of plastic, or on a variety of other factors. Reach out to a local recycling center to ask about any policies they may have regarding recycled toys, or any other information they can provide.

Hold a Garage Sale

Sorting through old toys in your children’s playroom also often acts as the perfect opportunity to get rid of a few things that you may no longer use anymore either. Many of us hold onto numerous items, possibly for sentimental or other purposes, that we simply stop using after a period of time. And by parting with some of these old objects in our home, it shows children that they should as well if they have toys that are no longer used.

And what’s one of the best ways to get rid of junk together as a family? Simple – a garage sale. A garage sale is a fun activity that requires only a small amount of setup, and lets the family bond together as they part with a few unused items in the house. And best of all, it leaves you with a little bit of extra cash that you can use for something fun, such as a night out on the town, or even for a family trip.

Give to Friends or Family Members

Finally, if you have a variety of children’s toys sitting around the home, don’t forget to consider your friends and family members who may have children now, or who may be having children in the near future. You can save them a significant amount of money by giving them the children’s toys that your little ones no longer use, and you can provide their kids’ with limitless fun by sending toys their way.

What to Do with Old Toys

As a parent, it can be difficult to decide what to do with old toys that your children no longer use. Of course, some toys may have true sentimental value, and, as such, it may help you to recount certain memories by keeping these in a safe place at home. But don’t feel the need to hang on to everything; instead, consider these great old toy uses to repurpose a few old toys and even help others in need.

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