Why Should Thoughtful Parents Choose Wooden Toys?

In our contemporary society, there are a plethora of toy options to choose from. Parents may opt to surprise their children with puzzles, dolls, science kits, costumes, kids books, and so much more, all of which is available at our online store.

But the type of toy is not the only choice that parents have when selecting something for their little ones. To be sure, while variety of toy is a significant factor in the decision, equally important should be the material out of which the toy is made. For example, some toys may be made of plastic or synthetics, others of steel or other metals, and others still of wood.

With this is mind, what toy material is the best option for your little ones? While there is no definitive answer, at Imagine Toys® we often advocate for thoughtful parents to bring home wooden toys for their kids. So if you are looking with which to surprise your kids this week, consider these reasons for why wooden toys may be the best choice for your family.

Why Should Thoughtful Parents Choose Wooden Toys?

Environmentally Friendly

To begin, toys made out of wood, like the Goldwood Cubie Blocks, are naturally more environmentally friendly than most of their plastic counterparts. Of course, while wooden toys do require natural resources, namely wood from trees, to be created, this is a much more renewable source than what is needed to make a toy out of plastic or other synthetic materials. When playing with a wooden toy, as opposed to one made of plastic or rubber, your child will be taking part in an environmentally conscious act that will help keep the world a cleaner place well into the future.

Furthermore, wooden toys, at the end of their lives, can often be easily recycled. Take, for example, the Shapemaker Wood Blocks; if they deteriorate over time, they may be able to be recycled and used for other endeavors. Or, because they are made of wood, a natural substance, they may eventually be composted and return to the ground.

why choose wooden toys


In addition to being more environmentally friendly that many other options, wooden toys are also extremely durable. Often, plastic toys will chip or peel fairly quickly, showing the very temporary nature of this material. Wood, on the other hand, is a material that is, by nature, meant to withstand a variety of different elements and forms of abuse. Toys like the Wooden Kitchenette are meant to withstand the test of time, and will remain within your child’s playroom for years to come.

A Direct Connection to Nature

Wooden Rainbow Car

The fact that wooden toys are environmentally friendly, as well as extremely durable, present two fairly compelling reasons to bring home one of these wonderful options from the online store today. In addition to this, however, by playing with wooden toys like the Wooden Rainbow Car, your children have the opportunity to directly connect with nature. To be sure, when they grasp the wood, it allows them to manipulate a natural resource that is created directly from the Earth.

Why is this an important factor? Consider, for now, the amount of time children spend surrounded by and in interaction with synthetic materials. Most kids have daily access to phones and tablets, which are made of plastic, metal, and other synthetics. During meals, little ones often eat using utensils that are made of metal or plastic, or even rubber in some cases. Most children’s books contain laminated surfaces, and a majority of types of furniture are not made of wood, but instead are comprised of leather, metal, or other materials.

By simply allowing your child to play with a wooden toy, it allows them to manipulate an entirely different material that is entirely natural.

Shape & Sort Wood toy Train

A Way to Reminisce

Finally, consider the amount of wooden toys that you were able to play with when you were a child. In our current society, children’s toys are often instead comprised of other synthetic materials, which are often cheaper and easier to obtain. Because of this, kids don’t often have the chance to play with wooden toys. In years past, however, when synthetic materials were not as easily available, little ones instead were provided with wooden toys.

Do you remember your favorite wooden toy from when you were a child? Even if it is not the same as one of the toy you bring home from our online store, it still allows you to feel a sense of nostalgia for your days of use. Toys like the Shape & Sort Wood Train provide you a direct connection to the fun you had when you were a child.

Why Choose Wooden Toys

There are numerous compelling reasons to have your kids play with wooden toys. Bring home a few of these great options for the little ones in your life.


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