Winter Blues

Have you noticed the children becoming more anxious each day they are cooped in the house due to the frigid temperatures outside? Are you constantly looking for a way to entertain the little ones as you wait out the winter pass?

If so, don’t let yourself succumb to the winter blues this season. Instead, try out one or more of these fantastic new indoor toys that will help keep everyone cheerful and excited until the sun comes back out again in the spring.

Jump Up to the Sky

Do your kids love to bounce around? If so, then they will love the new Techno Trampoline indoor toys from Imagine Toys®. This great new winter toy lets your children hold onto a handle as they bounce on a trampoline to see how high they can jump. This fun children’s toy encourages active play, and comes with special features to help your kids learn about counting music and rhythm.

Be a Princess for the Day

At Imagine Toys®, we believe that pretend play is an extremely important part of the development of any child. Because of this, we are now offering the new Royal Princess Playhouse kids’ toy for little girls over the age of three. What makes this toy so special? Your little girls will feel like royalty for a day as they get lost in a new world of adventure in this fun princess playhouse. Celebrate the princess in your house with this new children’s toy.

Ride with Your Imagination

Have your children tried the new Bilibo kids’ toy? If not, then they are missing out on one of the hottest new children’s toys in the country today. What exactly is the Bilibo kids’ toy? It’s everything and anything, all in one. Your children can turn it into a chair, a rocking cradle for dolls, a hat, and virtually anything else that your little ones can imagine. The opportunities of play are endless with this great new toy for kids.

Play a Little Tune

Musically inclined children can celebrate this year with the new Step-to-Play Giant Piano Mat from Imagine Toys®. This giant piano mat is the perfect new indoor toy for kids over the age of three. It’s six feet long, it has 24 kids, and it is a great introduction for music for your little ones. Your children can learn about rhythm and counting, all while dancing around on their feet.

Bring Playground Fun into the Home

Do your kids love to play on the playground during the summer months? If so, then you can bring some of the outdoor fun into your own home with the new SpiroBouncer children’s toy. This fun toy works like a seesaw, but can rotate 360 degrees around for an added element of fun.

Fend Off the Winter Blues with Kids’ Toys

Are you looking for a way to add some fun into the winter slump? If so, grab some of these great new indoor toys today and get ready for action for the whole family.


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