Bike + Chalk = Active Imagination Fun!

One of the most exciting events in both the life of a child and their parents occurs when the little one first gets on top of a bicycle to learn to ride. Learning to ride a bicycle is a milestone in the life of any child, and is just another great develop that will help them in countless ways throughout life.

But when your little one becomes a kids bike riding champ, and is able to fly down the streets with ease without you running by their side, you may be at a loss to find new fun and exciting ways to test their abilities on two wheels.

If you want to ramp things up a bit when the weather gets warm this year though, don’t put the training wheels back on – instead, pick up a great new sidewalk chalk kids bike riding toy and get ready to roll!

Draw a Chalktrail and Ride

Kids of all ages seem to love arts and crafts projects, whether inside of the playroom, or in the great outdoors. Arts and crafts activities allow your child to get lost in their imagination, and give your little one the ability to express themselves in a variety of colorful mediums.

This week then, let your child use their own bicycle as an arts and craft supply with the new Chalktrail for Bikes kids bike riding toy from Imagine Toys®. This fantastic new chalktrail kids toy can attach to a bike of virtually any size, and will trail behind the rear wheel as your little one pedals along. When your child is in motion on the bike, the chalktrail kids toy will drag along the ground and create a beautiful design in a variety of colors. Your child can bike around in a specific pattern, or simply go about the neighborhood leaving a colorful trail in their wake.

Chalktrail for Bikes available at

Try Different Designs with the Chalktrail Kids Bike Riding Toy

As with any other arts and crafts activity, it may prove to be more fun if you have a set design in mind that you can try out with your little ones. To try it out then, set a symmetrical track along which your child can ride. This could simply be a circle that they could pedal around, an inward or outward spiral, or even a figure-eight design within the boundaries of your driveway or your street.

Once you have a designed mapped out, have your child pedal around it a number of times, making sure that the chalktrail is visibly apparent on the ground below. You should have a kids bike riding masterpiece now!

For some added fun, consider investing in glow-in-the-dark kids sidewalk chalk, attaching it to this fun new kids bike riding toy, and then pedaling around after sunset to see your project shine!

Ride Your Bike and Create Kids Art

Riding bikes and making art are two of the most fun activities you can try with your little ones. And to mix them together, pick up this fun new kids bike riding toy and get started today!


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