Learn Letters With an Alphabet Treasure Hunt

Learning the alphabet is one of the most important aspects in the development of a young child’s language skills. With each new letter discovered and memorized, your child takes a new step towards mastering a fun and intriguing language.

And if your child is currently exploring the world of a new alphabet, why not surround their education with an interactive learning activity to keep it fun and exciting. Here’s a great way that you can combine learning letters with a hunt for hidden treasure.

Learn Letters in the Outdoors

For this kids activity you will need a full list of the letters of the alphabet. These can be paper cutouts, or even toys used in the bathtub, but it is best that they can be handled by the children for a fully interactive experience.

Once you have the letters laid out in a row, explain to your children that they must find an object around the house or the yard that begins with each letter. Help them out with the first letter, A – bring them an apple or another item, and make sure to place it next to the letter A so that they understand the connection between the letters. Let them continue on their own, and give help if necessary or correct their spelling mistakes. Don’t worry if they cannot find items to correspond with difficult letters like Q or X – just make sure they can name a few correct things.

This fun kids activity will let your children search for regular indoor or outdoor items while they learn the basics of spelling.

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Rainy Day Learning Activity

Sometimes you don’t have the option to play in the backyard, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t still have an alphabet treasure hunt to entertain and educate your children.

For this different kids activity, you will need 26 pieces of white paper, colored pencils, and any other arts and crafts supplies that your children enjoy using. At the top of each page, have your children draw one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. If they still struggle with forming the letters, help by guiding their hands, and make sure that they draw both the small and capital forms.

Once your children are finished writing the letters, have them draw anything that begins with the same as the letter at the top of the page – and encourage them to use their imaginations! If your children love animals, have them draw an alligator under the letter A. If your children like fairytales, suggest that they draw a unicorn under the letter U. Whatever they decide upon, help your children write out the full word under their drawing so that they can memorize the correct spelling. Once finished, let them decorate their new drawings with any arts and crafts supplies you have, and keep the drawings in a convenient spot around the house for an educational reference.

Learning Language

As your child continues to grow and begins to understand the new concept of language, it is imperative that you introduce them to the basics of spelling and reading. These fun learning activities are a great hands-on way to have some fun with your family while learning the ABCs.


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