Ay Matey! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Who knows exactly why most children love pirates. Kids may love the eye patches that pirates wear to cover their face, the golden hoop earrings through their ears, the shiny swords attached to their belts, or even the talking parrots sitting on the pirate’s shoulder. Or, children may love the idea of getting lost at sea and having endless adventures with their friends by their side.

Whatever the reason that kids love pirates, we encourage you to fuel this creativity and sense of imagination as much as possible this year. And in order to help you do so with an educational twist, we are now offering a new pirate game to help you and your little one talk like a pirate!

Turn Today into Talk Like a Pirate Day

There is no better way to turn a day into “Talk Like a Pirate Day” than with the new Word Pirates pirate game from Imagine Toys®. This fun new pirate talk game is everything that you and your children need to get lost in the wonderful world of make believe pirates, all while learning words in the process.

The new Word Pirates game is a brand new spelling game for kids that combines both spelling and logic on a fun pretend play board. The game is simple: each pirate-player must roll the dice and make a word out of the letters that appear. The ultimate objective is to create a walkway of words from the beginning point on the board, all the way to the center where the pirate treasure lies hidden. But it’s not all fun and games – the waters next to the pathways are filled with hungry sharks that are just waiting for someone to miss a step.

Word Pirates, available at imaginetoys.com

This great new pirate play game combines learning, fun, and excitement, and will be the perfect new addition to your children’s toy collection.

Love This Game? Try Making More of Your Own

If your children love playing with the new Word Pirates game from Imagine Toys®, foster this excitement and creativity by trying to come up with a few make believe games of your own.

For a tried-and-true classic, head to a costume store to pick up all of the gear you need to dress up like a costume. Grab a few bandanas to wear on your head, some black cloth to use as eye-patches, and search for a few plastic swords to use in a duel. The car can be your ship, and the cat can be your talking parrot as you get lost in the world of make believe.

For something less time intensive, you can also pull out a pad and piece of paper and draw your ideal pirate ship. Encourage the kids to get creative with the masts, the shape of the boat, and even the horizon in the background.

Pirates are truly mysterious characters that children everywhere seem to love. And this week, with a fun new game from Imagine Toys®, you can bring the pirate excitement right into your own home!


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