Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

Celebrating the first winter holiday season with your newborn baby is an exhilarating once-in-a-lifetime experience. You have the opportunity to show off the new addition to your family to your visiting loved ones, all while creating and sharing memories with your beautiful baby.

And like any family holiday event, it is a perfect chance for you to shower your newborn with baby toys they can play with until their heart is content. For your baby’s first Christmas, make sure your little one gets lost in a winter wonderland of their imagination with these baby toys they will love.

Baby Toys of All Shapes and Sizes

For babies, one of the most exciting aspects of their new world is the presence of objects of different shapes, sizes, and colors, everywhere you go. From brown wooden chairs, to soft green carpets, to even brightly colored foods, there are so many things to catch and hold their newly developing attentions!

But if you want a baby toy that encompasses all of these wonderful concepts in the world, make sure to gift-wrap the My First Shape Sorter baby toy for your baby’s first Christmas. This colorful and interactive developmental toy will allow your child to view and manipulate brightly colored shapes, all which can be conveniently placed inside a shape sorter that comes along with it. This fun toy for babies is perfect for your little one to learn about color and shape recognition, and is sure to be a wonderful developmental toy for your baby’s first Christmas.

My First Shape Sorter

And to lessen their impact on the environment, the makers of this fun toy for babies used only 100% recycled milk jugs to create the finished product.

This great baby toy will be a holiday hit this season!

Stack and Spin this Holiday Season

The winter holidays are a great opportunity for you to present your little one with baby toys that help develop all of their senses. You can shower them with fun toys for babies that teach them about shapes and colors, or even present them with gifts that help them understand a variety of different physical concepts that govern them movement of everything around us.

Or, with one simple baby toy, you can help open up their minds to all of these ideas in a fun and interactive way. The Tobbles Neo baby toy, a colorful and exciting baby toy, lets your child play with six different stackable plastic pieces, each one fitting perfectly inside the one before. Your little one can use this toy for babies to stack the pieces all the way up to the sky, and squeal with glee as the plastic parts, wiggle, wobble, and come tumbling back down to the ground.

Tobbles Neo

This fun baby toy will help strengthen your child’s newly developing muscles, and teach them about the wonderful world in which we all live.

Share Your Baby’s First Christmas

To make sure that your baby’s first Christmas makes memories for a lifetime, be sure to shower the little one with toys they will love. And if you want to give your child a wonderful first holiday season, wake them up with these fun toys on Christmas morning and enjoy the winter wonderland as a family!


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