Cool Off This Summer with a Backyard Waterpark

Summer has only just begun, and it is already showing signs of being a scorcher. The temperatures have risen rapidly already, leaving us all to find whatever way possible to cool off while we enjoy these months of freedom.

So this summer, if you are looking for a way to keep cool and safe while still enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of your backyard, try setting up a few water play backyard games for the kids to try out. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Water Balloon Catch

If your little ones love playing catch with dad, add some water play fun into this classic game by tossing around a balloon filled with water. Your children will get a chance to practice their throwing and catching skills; and even if they miss, they will get a cool surprise with this exciting backyard game.

Water Balloon Baseball

Another great water play backyard game for kids is water balloon baseball. This will help improve their hand-eye coordination, and is sure to be a hit with the rest of the neighborhood. All you need are a few balloons filled with water, a regular (or plastic) baseball bat, and a few kids ready to swing for the fences.

Spray Bottle Squirt Gun Fight

For this game, head to the store to pick up a few small plastic spray bottles (you can usually find these at gardening stores or even home improvement or large department stores in the area). Give a spray bottle to each child, fill them all with water, and let loose while spraying each other. You can always change the settings on the spray nozzle to lower the pressure if necessary.

Limbo Under the Water

If your kids love to play limbo, then they will love this new twist on a classic summer fun kids game. Grab a hose with a spray attachment, and turn on the water. Use the water stream as the limbo pole, so that in order to keep on going, players must limbo beneath the spray without getting soaked at all. For younger players you can allow them to simply duck or crawl under instead.

If you would rather conserve water and still have summer fun, change up this kids game by having the empty hose be the limbo pole instead. If anyone gets too hot, you can always take a break and cool down with a quick spray of water.

Wash the Car

If you want to turn a regular summer chore into a fun kids game, simply put the car in the driveway, pull out a few buckets of large sponges and soapy water, and start splashing away. Your car will get cleaned, your kids will get soaked, and everyone will have a great time.

Splash Around for Some Summer Fun

Don’t let yourselves get too hot this summer; instead, cool off by trying out these few fun outdoor kids games that will be fun for the whole family.


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