What Does it Take to Be a Puzzle Designer?

For children that love to build and put separate pieces in conjunction with one another, puzzles are one of the best toys to add into daily playtime. To complete even the most basic of puzzles, your little one must utilize their critical analysis and problem-solving capabilities in order to see the solution.

Yet while finishing puzzles with your child may sound like a blast, creating them can add a whole new twist of fun to this simple activity. This week, let your children create their own wooden puzzle with a wonderful and educational toy for kids.

Make Your Own Wooden Puzzle

Arts and crafts projects are endless fun, which is why the Design Your Own Block Puzzle kids toy set is the perfect option for your little ones, as it combines the joy of painting and drawing with the intrigue of basic puzzles. This simple and educational toy for kids comes with a set of nine wooden puzzle blocks, acrylic paints and paintbrushes to use on the wood, colored pencils, and basic templates to start with.

To begin creating their own wood puzzle, your child can place a template down on the wood blocks, and use their arts and crafts tool of choice to create the picture of their choice. But don’t worry; the fun doesn’t end there! Because all of these wood puzzle blocks have six separate sides, you can have your child paint six different art scenes on each of them, or spread the excitement and invite over a few close friends to take part in the arts and crafts fun.

With this, don’t feel constricted by the templates presented inside of this great kids toy – if your child is an artistic master, then feel free to let them wild as they create their own new wooden puzzle!

Time to Solve the Wood Puzzle Together

Once you have finished creating your own wood puzzle with your little one, it is time to reap the enjoyment of this activity by solving the puzzle together. Make sure to spread the blocks out across the floor during playtime, and begin by letting your child put the puzzle together piece by piece. Of course, at times you may wish to help your child in finding the next segment of the puzzle, but allowing them to work through each possible scenario can be extremely beneficial to their critical thinking capacity.

If your child is struggling with the puzzles, consider simplifying the learning toy by painting each of the sides a different color. By focusing strictly on similar hues, your child will still be able to enjoy the fun and excitement of puzzles, all while working at their own pace.

Make Your Own Wood Puzzle with Your Little One

This week, add a little bit of problem-solving fun into playtime with your little one. Bring home this great new wooden puzzle kids toy today, and get working on a puzzle that you can solve together as a family!


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