8 Key Benefits of Playing Outdoors

In today’s world of TVs, laptops, and other electronics, it is all too easy to let our children sit in front of a screen during playtime. After all, gadgets can be fun, interactive, and an easy way to pass time.

But even if the programs or apps your children love are educational, they still rob your little ones of the benefits they could be receiving from the great outdoors. Consider these eight important benefits of playing outdoors to help your children grow:

1. Abundant Vitamin D

Exposure to sunlight while playing outdoors is one of the easiest ways for your kids to get Vitamin D, a vitamin that is necessary for healthy skin and bones, and helps fight off heart disease and even diabetes.

2. Lots of Other Kids

Having your children play outside with other kids will help them develop key social skills that are important throughout life – something they won’t get from sitting in front of a screen.

3. Skills with Sports

Competing on sports teams and playing with outdoor toys can improve your children’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and even strength and agility. And this summer, for a fun new outdoor toy that your kids will love, get them the Backyard Slackline, a new item that represents one of the biggest new outdoor crazes in the country!

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4. Chill Out

Sitting in front of the TV and playing with video game consoles can make your children cranky, irritable, and may even increase their stress levels. Have your kids play outside is a great way for them to release this stress and enjoy the wonders of being a child.

5. Concentrate Better

Most television programs and other forms of mass media are designed to overload our senses, and never require us or our children to pay attention for more than a few minutes at a time. Sending your children outside with a few outdoor toys will make them regain this attention span and make adventures all on their own.

6. Learn About Nature

From the behavior of small animals, to the different shapes of clouds, there are so many things about the world that can only be learned by spending time in the great outdoors. Have your children play outside this summer to help them learn about the beautiful things that surround us all.

7. Stay Healthy

While exercise is important for people of all ages, it is especially important for children; it helps them burn off extra energy, and keeps them healthy as they develop. A good supply of outdoor toys will keep them fit and active in your backyard this year.

8. Use the Imagination

While apps and games provide children with a screen full of ready-made entertainment, playing outdoors makes them create whole worlds inside their head, using nothing but their imagination.

Let the Outdoor Fun Begin

Each of these eight benefits is a good reason to open the door and head outside with your kids this year. So lace up your shoes, put on some sunscreen, and go have a blast in the great outdoors!


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