5 Best Toys For Babies

Playing with your newborn can be an extremely rewarding experience for both you and your baby. You can incorporate different types of toys as well in order to help develop your baby’s skills and teach them about the world around. Whether it’s spinning mobiles or toy mirrors, each can be fun and serve an exciting, educational purpose. Here’s a short list to help give you some ideas:

Hand-Held Toys

Letting your newborn baby grasp and play with toys can be invaluable to their development. As your child grows each day, so will their strength and coordination.

Rattles can be a wonderful addition to your baby’s crib. Small enough rattles will allow your child to hold the toy in their hand, and playfully toss it about with curiosity. This helps develop both their muscles and motor skills in their hands.

Interactive toys are another great option. The Rollin’ Safari toy allows your baby to place a ball into a jungle maze, and watch as it comes rolling out the other end. This will teach them about shapes and colors, and help develop their eye tracking as they learn about the world around them.

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Another great baby toy is the Sort & Shape School Bus. With this fun and interactive item, your child can mix and match different shapes with their respective holes, teaching them how things fit together in the world. It’s a rainbow of colors, and made from foam for a soft and safe way to play.

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Baby Mobiles and Crib Toys

Mobiles and crib toys are some of the best toys for a baby’s development. As they lie on their back, placing a mobile above them can stimulate their minds and allow them to see exciting things in the world at all times. Mobiles that play music are also valuable, as music is believed to positively engage certain parts of a baby’s brain.

Placing the mobile within your baby’s reach is another option. Allowing your child to kick and push it from the comfort of their crib will again help develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills together.

Books With Contrasting Patterns

While often glanced over when playing with a baby, this can be a valuable tool to use. Believe in this mantra: it’s never too early to start reading to your child. Bring a book to playtime with your baby, and have them sit in your lap as you tell them a story. While they might not understand the message on the page, providing them with a book that displays bright and contrasting colors and patterns will stimulate their minds and focus their attention to what’s in your lap. Finding a book with colors and shapes is more important than the story involved.

Baby Play Mirror

This is one of the most important parts of baby development. Having your baby see their reflection stare back at them will both help strengthen their vision, and help them understand their new world as they see their own face. Make sure to place the mirror close enough, though, as a baby’s vision is constantly developing.

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And why not add more fun into the mix? The Forest Friends Play Mirror, not only includes a mirror for your baby to stare at their beautiful face, but also comes with soft, plush animals aside it, as well as a rattle and squeaker to keep their curiosity going. It lays flat and attaches easily for time on the tummy or in the crib, or can be placed upright for your baby to crawl to and explore.

Play Gym

Developing your child’s strength and curiosity is imperative, and there’s no better way than to bring a play gym into playtime. Finding a suitable structure and baby mat can keep their attention for hours, and can be a great place for a nap if they get too tired. The best play gyms will be soft on the bottom, and will come together at the top with a collection of soft animals, shapes, or smiling faces. Be sure to find one made of a non-scratchy material, and make sure there are plenty of colors to let your baby’s imagination run wild!


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