Big Dreams for Big Kids

For any kids that love construction, a fun building toy can help them realize their dreams of creating a structure of their own out of simple plastic pieces. And once the building is standing high in the sky, it can be just as much fun to knock it down themselves, using their bare hands as tools of demolition.

And if you want to surprise your budding engineer this holiday season with something to bring a smile to their face, then take a look at this new building toy for kids that puts the tools right in the palm of their hands.

Build it Up and Knock it Down

Using construction toys for kids can help your children understand the basic nature of standing structures, as well as the physical requirements that must be in place in order for the building to stand upright. Furthermore, building toys for kids can help instill in your little ones a love of construction and creation, by allowing them to erect a structure with their own two hands.

And for the perfect kids toy that allows your children to be in complete control, they need the Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse construction toy for kids. This fun and interactive building toy gives your children the ability to raise their own set of warehouses, either according to a set of instructions, or instead however their imaginations see fit. This construction toy can be erected in virtually an unlimited amount of combinations, and will stand tall and sturdy at the hands of your young builder.

The fun doesn’t end though, simply when the building toy is completed. Once the structure is standing upright, your children can let it sit for however long they want, or use the fun demolition functions to watch it come crashing to the ground. No, this fun construction toy for kids doesn’t come with TNT, but it does include a set of detonators that punch out the sides and base of the building, allowing it to collapse in upon itself. The detonators and blasters also possess their own sounds, alerting your children to when the action will finally happen.

This exciting building toy for kids lets your children raise the structure of their dreams, and allows them to watch it come crashing down at the push of a button.

Building Toys for Problem Solving

One of the most wonderful aspect of simple construction toys for kids is their ability to teach children about basic sets of problem solving. With the Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse, your kids must use critical thinking skills to figure out the best way for the structure to stand, all while using a set amount of pieces. Then, once they have figured out and constructed a standing building, they can squeal with glee as they demolish the whole thing and start all over again.

Raise a Structure with Your Kids

If your children love building things on their own, it’s time to get them a construction toy that will keep them busy for hours. And if you want to put the tools at their fingertips, give them this fun building toy for kids, and let their imaginations run wild!


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