3 Ways to Build Your Child’s Language Skills

As adults, we often take for granted our ability to speak and read effortlessly. But children, new to the world of language and words, don’t have that same comfort. A child’s language skills need to be a constant focus of attention in order to fully develop their ability to read, write and speak. Here are some great ways you can begin turning them into blossoming linguists.

Start With the Basics

If your child has begun speaking, but is just entering the world of reading and writing, starting with an educational toy can turn this educational experience into a fun time to play. The ABC Wood Puzzle is the perfect toy to introduce during this time. Carved from wood, the base of the puzzle has engraved in it all twenty-six letters of the alphabet. The corresponding letters are made of brightly colored plastic, and fit perfectly into the board.

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This kids game not only increases spatial awareness with different shapes and sizes, it also improves letter recognition. You can teach each letter individually by placing them in the board, sing the ABC song with your child with this visual tool, or use the plastic letters to build full words. The letters are the perfect size for a child’s small hands to grab, and this kids game can teach them all about letters, words, and even colors!

Advanced Lessons

Once your child has learned the basics of letters, and even small words, it’s time to start putting it all together. Reading short, full sentences can greatly improve your child’s linguistic capabilities. The Hickory, Dickory, Blocks! are the perfect addition to your child’s language toys. This 28-piece wooden block set tells the story of this classic nursery rhyme, but includes a twist.

On one side of each block is a picture depicting a scenario from the nursery rhyme. On the opposite side is a sentence that describes what’s happening in the picture. You can begin by having your child look at the picture and tell you what he or she thinks is happening. This might be easier if they already know the rhyme. Once they have completed the whole story, go through again, this time having them read the text to figure out the story.

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If they’ve completed this task successfully, and have a good understanding of the story, try to mix the blocks up and see if they can still read the text to describe the story. Reading the blocks out of order might be difficult at first, but it will force them to rely on their reading abilities instead of memorization. Give them help when they struggle with certain words, and make sure they don’t get frustrated during this task. Learning to read can be very difficult, but it can also be a fun experience discovering the wide world of words!

Keep Going

Once your child has mastered these toys, continue with developing their language skills by incorporating kids games and fun stories into their lessons. In no time you will have taught them the basics and they’ll be reading on their own!


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