Have a Spook-Tacular Candy-Free Halloween Party

The time is almost here to celebrate Halloween! This means chilly days with leaves crunching on the ground, clever and exciting costumes worn by children of all ages, and fun activities with your child in their classroom at school.

But this also means a season of a constant sugar rush from all of the candy – it’s in the grocery stores, at school, and can even wind up at home!

It doesn’t have to be everywhere, though, and you can even host events at your own home that are candy-free – and still fun for everyone! Here are some tips on how to through a candy-free Halloween party that will send everyone home smiling.

Make Candy Alternatives

Most people love candy because of its delicious taste – but it’s truly terrible for you and your children! Candy and sugary snacks, even during the Halloween season, can lead to cavities in the short-term, and can contribute to other health problems in the future related to an unnecessary overconsumption of sugar.

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So instead of offering candy, make candy alternatives that will be just as delicious, yet much healthier for the little ones. You can make dried apples and other fruit, popcorn, crackers, and even cheese. These snacks are a delicious candy alternative, and won’t send anyone home with a toothache.

Candy-Free Party Favors

Kids parties are never complete without party favors – yet most goody bags on Halloween contain little treats that will only get stuck in their teeth. And while candy can be a fun thing to munch on when heading home from a party, it’s not really necessary.

If you want to make memorable party favors, try using non-edible treats that will still please everyone. This can be small arts and crafts projects you make with your children, individualized notes to each attendee of the party, or even small plastic trinkets such as spiders, skeletons, or ghosts and ghouls. Kids will love to play with these little toys, and they won’t get the unhealthy effects of candy from your hand-made party favor bags.

Rewards for Games

Games are common at most Halloween parties – this can be anything from corn mazes, to bobbing for apples, to even spooky arts and crafts competitions for the youngsters. And what is the usual reward for the winners?

You guessed it – candy.

But there is no reason to fall into the norm this year at your own candy-free Halloween party. Make sure that you have plenty of kids games and activities at your event, but feel free to get creative when making up your own rewards and prizes. These can range from hand made medals that you create with your children beforehand, to small trinkets that you get from the store, to even tiny gift certificates that you get before the party starts. Each option will please the winning children – even if they don’t get candy.

Candy in Moderation

You don’t have to completely turn down candy this Halloween – but making sure that your children eat it in moderation can help them spend this season happy and healthy. So before you host your own Halloween party, consider going candy free to have a spooky and spectacular event of the season!


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