Cardboard Box + Creativity = Playtime

Remember how much fun it was being a kid? Playing for hours with no responsibilities was the norm, and using your imagination was the way to have fun. In this day and age of television and tablets, it’s tough to pry the kids away from technology for even a moment. But if you want to really snag their attention, here are a few things you can create together with just a cardboard box that will take them off on an adventure of their own:

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Cardboard Box Cars

This is a timeless idea that can take on plenty of new twists. Search for a cardboard box in your house, or go pick a few up from the local post office. Now take some arts and craft supplies, such as the PlayfullyFun Art Set, and paint on some tires, windows, a steering wheel, and anything else your child wants on their vehicle. You can slide this creation across the floor making engine noises, or have them eat their lunches in there pretending they’re getting take-out food. It’s an invention that’s sure to get them revved up.

Cardboard Box Kitchen Stove

Here’s an idea to have you children pretend to help out in the kitchen without actually playing with fire. Take a cardboard box you have; place it upright. With another piece of cardboard, cut out a portion that can act as the stove back. Using some art tools, such as the Poster Paint Set, draw on different parts of the stove – the burners, the heat dials, the clock, etc. This way, the next time you cook up a meal in the kitchen, you can ask your little ones for help and have them cook up a feast of their own!

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Use Your Imagination

If you know what your kids like to do during playtime, try adding a cardboard creation into the mix. If they like airplanes, trying using an arts and crafts set to make an airplane design. It’ll spark their creativity and be a fun game for the kids.

If they’re really into animals, see if you can have them create an animal of their own with some scissors, glue, and paint. Or, if they like to draw, have them paint their own animal scene on the cardboard box to spend some time utilizing their artistic skills.

Time to Go Get a Box

The possibilities are endless. This can be a great project for kids of all ages as well: toddlers might simply enjoy the act of putting paint on cardboard, whereas school age kids might like more complex ideas of using cardboard stoves or cardboard cars.

Whatever you do, make sure to supervise your children throughout the whole process. While these arts and craft sets mentioned above are non-toxic and washable, things such as scissors and glue can cause unnecessary accidents if not monitored carefully. And make sure no one eats the cardboard!

Other than that, go have fun with your children. Grab a box, use a little bit of creativity, and explore the endless possibilities with a simple piece of cardboard!


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