November is Child Safety and Protection Month

Like any parent, you spend most of the year ensuring that your child lives a healthy and safe life at all times, both at home and away. But as diligent as you are, you may still be forgetting certain simple steps that can be an important and almost necessary component to your child’s well being.

Fortunately though, November is all about child safety, and is the perfect time to learn all about the things you can do to have your kids safe always. And if you need a place to start learning about child safety, start with these easy steps to make your home happy and keep your kids safe.

Not All Foods Can Be Chewed the Same

You may be ecstatic that your little one now has teeth that can handle solid foods. But don’t take this recent development as an invitation to feed them anything you want – choking accidents are extremely prevalent among toddlers who can’t yet handle specific foods.

Make sure to keep your kids safe by only feeding your children soft foods they can chew, and be sure to cut these into small enough pieces to encourage safe swallowing.

Keep Kids Safe Out of the Workout Room

If you like to keep fit as a parent, then you probably have a room in your home where you keep exercise equipment, such as a treadmill, weights, or even something as simple as resistance bands. But while this may contribute to a healthy lifestyle for you, these additions can be extremely dangerous and potentially fatal for your child. Weights can drop from high places, bands can be chewed, and machines can lead to unfortunate accidents at any time throughout the day.

There’s no reason that any of this should happen to your child, though – make sure that the exercise/workout room is off limits without supervision, and prevent any unnecessary accidents from ever happening.

Install Outlet Covers as Soon as Possible

The world is an exciting place when you are only a few feet tall, with one of the most enticing features being the electrical outlet that seems to hold so much power and mystery. But as your child sees this phenomenon, they may also not realize that this small collection of holes can be dangerous when approached, and should be avoided with fingers or even small toys to ensure child safety.

The solution for optimal child safety is extremely simple – make sure to cover all of your electrical outlets with plastic covers to keep your child away from any possible danger.

Keep Your Kids Safe in the Back Seat

Your kids probably love running errands with you – they get a new chance to head out on the town and see the wonderful world around them. When you do this though, it is imperative you keep your kids safe by putting them in proper seats that are placed in the back of the vehicles. The front area of a car was not designed to hold a car seat, and is an unsafe for any child to be when driving. Your child’s safety is ensured when they are buckled in the back.

Make Sure Your Kids Are Safe this November

You love your children, and you work so hard to keep them safe in this world. This November, remember that it is child safety and protection month, and try these simple tips to keep your kids safe and happy as they have fun with the family.


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