5 Community Service Projects for Kids

With your kids out of school for the summer, why not have them give back to the community during some of their extra time? Having them participate in community service projects can be a good learning experience about the importance of charity work, it can help develop life skills, and it can keep them busy with work that’s good for society. Here are five different ways that you can have your children get to work and give back to their community.

Plant Something

If your kids don’t know this already, explain to them that trees and plants are an important part of the world in which we live. Not only does their greenery look beautiful and provide wonderful aesthetic pleasure, they’re also a source of food as well as clean air.

You can start a garden in your back yard and plan on using the food for portions of your meals. Having homegrown food will cut down on grocery trips, and help the environment by eliminating gas fumes.

You and your children can also find a spot to plant a tree. Local parks often have projects wherein individuals and families can sponsor a tree to be planted. If you do this, you and your children can visit the tree on a regular basis to view the results of their community service project.

Donate Allowance

At the right age, allowance can be a pretty great treat for a kid. It can provide candy, toys, or a variety of other exciting things. If your children receive a regular allowance, see if they’d be willing to save a portion of it to donate to a local charity. Explain to them that many people don’t have enough money to feed or support themselves, and that even small contributions help.

You can choose the charity together as well. It can be anything from a homeless shelter, to a humane society, to even a children’s home. Once they’ve saved a certain amount, visit the location as a family so you can show your children what their money is going towards.

Clean Up the Earth

While your children may not be the reason some areas get so dirty, why not have them be the reason some stay clean? During a morning or afternoon that isn’t too hot, bring your children to a local park for some fun and playtime. After awhile though, inform them that it’s cleanup time, and any trash or litter in sight needs to find a bin. If small enough, walk around the park cleaning up anything in sight, and let your children know that they’re performing an incredible deed by providing the rest of the community with a clean place to play.

Find a New Home for Toys

Getting new toys as a child can be a great experience. But do your children know that some kids don’t have the same opportunities as others? Ask your children to part with one or even a few of their favorite toys. Find a children’s home, a local rec center that works with underprivileged youth, or even just start a toy drive that donates toys to children in need. Make sure your children know that by giving away their toys, their providing love and joy for children who need it most.

Write Letters

If your children are old enough to read and write on their own, this community service project can bring smiles to many overseas. Have your children write letters to United States service members. While stationed overseas, many of these individuals go long periods without any communication from home. Appreciative letters from children back in the states can keep a smile on their face and keep them proud about what they’re doing.

Get Out There and Help!

Having your children complete community service projects can be a great way to spend extra time in the summer and teach your children about the importance of giving back. So if you have some time, find a project that pleases everyone to help your children develop key life skills, and to show them how they can make the world a better place to be.


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