Toy of the Week – Cool Color Wood CitiBlocs®

Children everywhere are intrigued and fascinated by colors and shapes. Whether they’re looking at shadows on the wall, colors in the sky, or a mixture of both in books at home or school, kids see the new shapes and colors around them as the building blocks of fun. So what better way to bring joy and learning to your child than by giving them a toy that promises both? This week’s best new toy fits that mold exactly.

All Shapes and Sizes

Even if your child isn’t an architect, this toy is sure to engage their minds and make them think. The Cool Color Wood CitiBlocs® comes in sets of 50 or 100 pieces, each the same size as the others in the group. The blocks will help test your child’s spatial awareness, and will allow them to create a variety of shapes and designs with nothing but identical wood blocks.

But don’t fret if you have a toddler in tow – the set of 50 or 100 blocks only demands a child with a strong imagination. Start building something small with only a few, and see how many creations your child can think of with these fun wood blocks.

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Quirky Colors

Not only does the Cool Color Wood CitiBlocs® set promise identical building blocks, it houses a group that comes in a variety of bright colors to stimulate your child’s imagination. As children are fascinated by the colors they see each and every day, this educational toy is sure to hold their attention.

Ask your child to use a set amount of wooden blocks to create anything they can think of. As they begin to progress and create more complex designs, see if they can stick to certain color patterns with a set of blocks. For example, if they can create a house, ask them to leave the walls green, the roof dark blue, and the door turquoise. Having them use different colors to designate different areas of a design will help teach them spatial awareness using colors, and will help them understand how the connections between each block creates an entire finished creation.

No Cleanup Necessary

If you thought this toy was too good to be true already, then you might like the fact that absolutely no mess will be made as your child has fun with this educational toy. The Cool Color Wood CitiBlocs® set needs no glue, tape, or the use of any connecting materials in order to enjoy. Your child must simply use their imagination as they set each block atop the next.

The blocks are made from wood as well, and can be easily handled by children as young as three, promising a fun and educational experience for kids of all ages.

Time to Build

If your child loves to play with building toys like a young engineer, or just likes to use their imagination, the Cool Color Wood CitiBlocs® set is the perfect educational wooden toy that allows kids to have some fun and play with the building blocks of the world.


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