Cool Science – Electrical Circuits for Kids

It’s time to fuel your child’s love for science again with a great new project this week that will teach them all about electricity and how it works to power light bulbs. With a simple and fun interactive project, you and your child can use your hands to channel electricity and spend some time together learning about the incredible nature of currents. Read on to discover how to conduct a great project that will light up your child’s life this week!

Get Ready to Light it Up!

For this fun educational activity you will need two types of play dough, one made of salt, and the other made of sugar (more on this in a second). You will also need a few LED lights, preferably ones of different colors to increase the fun at the end of the project. And finally, you will need a battery pack or transformer of some sort, which you can easily pick up at an electronics or department store in town.

The reason you will need two types of dough is because the one made of salt conducts electricity well, while the sugary type does not – also, you will need to cook the salty dough and leave the sugary dough uncooked (there are plenty of recipes on the Internet that you can follow easily).

Now, take the wires that are protruding from your electricity source, and stick them each into a separate piece of play dough. Once finished, take one of the LED lights, and insert each prong into a different piece of play dough – the LED should light up immediately! Since electricity only flows through the LED light in one direction, though, simply switch the prongs if it doesn’t light up.

To ensure there are no short circuits, you will need to make sure that the dough isn’t touching. For this, you can simply separate the salty pieces of dough by a large blob of sugary dough – in doing this, the different types can be sandwiched together without causing a short. Experiment with your children to form different designs with the dough, and try using multiple LEDs to create colorful creations!

Another Project

If you would like to experiment with another project that puts the electricity in your hands, bring home to your child the DJ Rock Speaker Dock. This fun and educational toy is a speaker dock that can play iPods and most MP3 players, but it comes with an exciting twist – your child gets to build it themselves! It comes with a circuit board, a set of speakers, an LED, an ON/OFF switch, and instructions that will guide your child through each step of the building process. This great toy combines the fun of music with the excitement of exploring cool science at your fingertips. Electricity for kids never looked so cool!

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Turn On the Electricity for Kids

The end of the summer is the perfect time to start and finish a cool science project with your children. Make your own setup, or bring home one of the great toys to learn all about electricity for kids and have fun as a family.


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