8 Craft Ideas For Toddlers

Playtime with your toddler can be an exhilarating experience. From watching them take their first steps, to helping them with their first words, to bringing and toys and games that light up their face, each day of play brings a new moment of joy. And if you’re looking for some great toddler activities to share with your youngster during playtime, consider adding arts and crafts into the day. Here are eight toddler arts and crafts ideas that can help you and your toddler create a masterpiece.

1. Hand and Foot Tracing

One of the easiest ways to begin using arts and crafts with your toddler is by teaching them how to trace their hands and feet with a colored pencil or crayon. Have them place either one on a piece of paper, and let them guide their utensil around it. Once your child is finished, encourage them to decorate it with different colors, or draw around it anything they would like.

2. Bead Art

For this toddler activity, you can either purchase different colored beads, or simply dye pasta different colors by using food coloring and rubbing alcohol. Provide your child with string, make sure the pasta has large enough holes, and let them string together pieces in whatever pattern they choose.

3. Sidewalk Chalk

This is a tried-and-true favorite. Find some washable sidewalk chalk at your local arts and crafts store, and let your toddler draw whatever they would like on the pavement outside your house. For some added fun, bring together some local children to create a group masterpiece.

4. Play With Clay

Playing with clay can be a great way to have some fun and develop your child’s grip strength. Find some colorful, non-toxic clay that they can smash together, pull apart, and use to create a work of art.

5. Glow in the Dark

If your child likes to play with paints, get them a glow in the dark set that can light up the room as you flip a switch. For an added bonus, don’t tell them it’s glow in the dark paint, and listen to them giggle as it shines in the darkness.

6. Fun With Pipe Cleaners

Colorful pipe cleaners can be used for creating fun sculptures that are soft and harmless to play with around the house. Provide your child with a wide array of colors, and let them twist, bend, and combine the pipe cleaners to create anything that comes out of their imagination.

7. Bubbles

While bubbles aren’t generally considered an arts and crafts supply, use this fun trick to add some color into this already fun activity. Add food coloring to a few different buckets of bubbles, and have your child blow them towards a large piece of paper. The explosion of the bubble will create a beautiful design each time, and this toddler activity provides you and your child with a fun way to create a painting.

Bubble activities for toddlers

8. Bathtub Paints

One of the best ways to make bath time fun for all is by supplying your child with washable paints that can be used on the wall of the tub. These paints are non-toxic and can be wiped away to create a new canvas each time. They’ll be creating their own work of art as you scrub them down for bedtime.

Toddler Arts and Crafts

Playtime can be a great time to explore new things with your toddler. Try these fun toddler arts and crafts activities to add some color to your playtime and create art together as a family.


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