6 Creative Homemade Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the time for your child to shine! Children love to have a standout costume on Halloween – a creative outfit lets them strut around with their friends and show off as they all enjoy this spooky October holiday.

But while traveling to the store to purchase a Halloween costume may seem easy and efficient, making one at home allows you to add your own touches and accentuations that will make your child shine above the rest – and it can be inexpensive, too. So park the car, pull out some supplies, and get ready for a day of arts and crafts with these six homemade Halloween costumes for All Hallow’s Eve!

1. Ladybug

Every little girl will look adorable in this homemade ladybug costume! All you need is a black outfit of your choosing, a large piece of stiff red felt, and some soft black felt as well.

Cut the red felt into the shape of ladybug wings – searching the Internet will yield you plenty of image results for help. Then, cut the black felt into circles, and glue them onto the stiff piece. Use as many dots as you would like, but make sure to place them symmetrically. Secure this piece of red felt to your daughter’s back, and make sure that it stays in place as she goes from door to door. Now she will be bringing good luck to every doorstep on which she lands!

2. Fairy

Your daughter will look beautiful dressed up as one of these mythical characters! All you need for this Halloween costume is some pink clothing, a pink frilly ballet skirt, and some pink see-through fabric for a cape or wings. Secure the wings or cape to her neck with a neck band, and decorate them however you want (gold glitter and paint works well).

For an added touch, give her a headband made of plastic or paper flowers, and create a small wand she can use to cast a spell!

3. Bag of Jelly Beans

This fun costume is inspired by one of the most delicious candies in the world! Simply take a clear recycling bag, cut holes for legs and arms, and have your child step through. Then, inflate many different colored miniature balloons, and place them into the plastic bag with your children. Cinch up the recycling bag loosely around their head, and you have created a wonderful bag of tasty treats!

4. Garden Gnome

How about dressing your child up as a cute lawn decoration? You will need a blue or green jacket, a black belt, some red felt, and white fur trim. Use the belt to secure the jacket in the similar fashion of a gnome. Roll the red felt into a cone shape, glue it together, and place it on your child’s head as a pointy hat. Cut the white fur trim into a beard shape, and secure it to the back of the red hat with enough room for your child to talk. Now watch as they get compliments for one of the most creative costumes around!

5. A Lego Piece

Let them build their own fun with this great costume. Simply take a cardboard box, spraypaint it whatever color you would like, and cut holes in it for your child’s arms. For the connective dots, glue on circular pieces of Styrofoam that protrude outwards (and make sure they are an even number and symmetrical). For some added fun, write down some instructions they can carry from house to house on how to build a Lego structure.

6. Zebra

This animal-inspired costume is sure to dazzle! Get your child a white hooded sweatshirt, white sweatpants, and black shoes. With fabric or spray paint, create black stripes on the pants and tops in any fashion you choose. For a tail, you can always fasten a black boa to the back of the pants. Now you can send them out into the wild on Halloween with this fun animal costume!

Make Your Own at Home

The best Halloween costumes are the ones made with love and care. Try one of these six fun ideas to make creative costumes that are sure to impress and dazzle.


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