Quality Time for Daddy and His Little Girl

If dad doesn’t have a lot of free time away from the office or work conducted at home, you should find a few hours for him to spend one on one quality time with your daughter. Allowing the two of them to have time alone can strengthen their bond and foster a connection that only they share. Pick a night, and give the two of them some fun activity options to choose from. Here are a few ideas that might please them both as they become closer as father and daughter.

Try On Some Clothes

Since most little girls usually love the idea of playing dress up, suggest that dad go shopping with your daughter to try on different clothes. They can each model outfits for each other, and listen to each other’s suggestions. This will give her and dad quality time to go crazy – they can model anything from disco outfits to Halloween costumes, as long as they’re having a good time together with this fun activity.

Cloud Watching

This is an activity that everyone loved doing as a kid, and now dad and daughter can do it together. They can pick the backyard, a park, a school playground – it doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s covered in grass and has a full view of the sky. Have them pick shapes out of the clouds together, each taking turns saying what they see. This activity will both bring them together, and help engage both of their imaginations by picking out crazy shapes and creatures in the sky.

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Star Gazing

This is similar to cloud watching, but it adds an extra fun activity that dad can share with his little girl. Have the two of them lie down in the backyard together, and make sure they bring a blanket. Have your daughter tell him shapes that she sees in the sky, and even have her draw them with her fingers.

Now dad can share his adult wisdom and knowledge with her. Have him learn a few constellations so he can show off his knowledge of the sky to his daughter. He can tell the history of the shapes, or just point them out and watch how his daughter listens in awe of his vast knowledge. This can bring them together and be a great educational experience for your little girl.

Together at Work

While this might not sound like quality time for a father and his daughter, it can help show her what he spends his days doing. If he works in an office, he can bring her for a day and find projects that she can be of minor help – she’ll most likely be a hit with his coworkers. If he works in another arena, make sure it’s not a problem for her to tag along and send them off to work together. If he makes sure she contributes during the day, she’ll find a new appreciation for the thing that keeps dad away from her during the day.

Dad and Daughter Dates

There are plenty of options to choose from when picking an activity for dad to do with his little girl. Find something they both like and send them off together so they can learn more about each other and strengthen their bond as a dad and his daughter.


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