It’s Date Night! Preparing Your Kids for the Babysitter

If you are the proud parent of a few little ones in the home, then you understand how wonderful it can be once awhile to have a date night with your spouse, spending a few precious moments with each other while someone else watches the kids. But in order to ensure that you don’t get a phone call that brings you back home early, it is important to take a few steps to prepare your children for the babysitter so that they are comfortable in your absence. If you are hoping to bring in a new sitter to watch the little ones on your next date night, try these simple steps to make sure that everyone has a wonderful time.

Invite Them Over a Day Before

In an ideal world, you would be able to call the most qualified babysitter in your area, and watch as your children instantly fell in love with them during playtime. But though a skilled sitter may know all of the best techniques of childcare, what matters most is your children’s interactions and level of comfort with this new individual in their lives. To prepare, have the sitter spend some supervised time with your kids so that you can observe them together and gauge anything you need.

Keep the First Night Short

Although you may want to enjoy your first date night with the love of your life, spending the whole evening together out on the town, it may actually be a better idea to keep the first excursion under an hour to help your children adapt to the new babysitter in your life. This short time period is enough for you to understand how your children will do alone with the sitter, and gives you a good reading on their relationship together.

Make Sure to Have Kids Games

In order to make sure everyone has fun when you are gone, stock up on plenty of kids games that your sitter can play with the little ones during playtime. These games for kids will take your children’s attentions off your absence, and keep them occupied for a good portion of the night.

And to ensure that the little ones have a wonderful playtime experience on every date night, introduce them to the BBQ Blitz, a brilliant new game for kids that includes matching, sorting, and an interactive activity for all!

Have Story Time End the Night

If you aren’t at home to tuck them in after playtime, your children may begin to feel anxious and even restless as they wait for your arrival. To help them rest then, have the babysitter sit down with them for story time at least twenty minutes before lights out. Quality children’s books will keep your kids interested, and will help them nod off easily so you can spend time enjoying your date.

Have Fun on Date Night!

Although you love your little ones dearly, it is extremely important to occasionally hire a babysitter so that you can enjoy date night with the love of your life. And to ensure that your children feel comfortable in the care of another, make sure to follow these simple steps to help everyone enjoy their night.


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