Toy of the Week – Early Melodies Pound & Tap Bench

Playtime with your baby can be a fun and educational experience, and incorporating toys can bring both excitement, as well as a new tool for learning. Through the use of different baby toys, your child can learn about colors, sounds, different textures, and the new wonderful senses they have acquired.

This week there’s a new baby toy that encompasses all of these, and will both help your baby’s cognitive development, as well as keep them entertained for a while.

Introduction to Music

The Early Melodies Pound & Tap Bench is a fun musical toy that can be your child’s first hands-on introduction to music. It acts as both a percussion instrument and a xylophone, allowing for your baby to create different sounds based on their desires.

Tapping the balls that lay above the xylophone will send them plunking down on the keys, causing a chaotic mixture of music. Removing the keyboard from below, though, allows your baby to hammer away, creating melodies of their own. Each option gives your child the ability to learn musical skills, as well as hear and understand the new sounds that they create with their own hands.

Sounds and Colors Together

While the Early Melodies Pound & Tap Bench is a wonderful musical toy, it also acts as a learning tool for other senses. The xylophone is a mix of colors, with each one representing a different key and sound. The balls above are also colored differently, corresponding to the color scheme below.

While the colors present will help with visual recognition, they will also help the child understand the musical connection. As each color represents a different note, they will begin to understand the music created through both a visual and audial manner.

Up and Down the Scale

Unlike a traditional xylophone, this fun musical toy has a distinctive ladder shape. The higher the ladder goes, the higher the pitch produced. While this is a logical sequence, this shape will also help your baby begin to understand the connection between the level of the keys and the pitch of the notes. This understanding of cause and effect is an important part of learning in all matters.

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Hands-On Development

The Early Melodies Pound & Tap Bench also greatly improves another developing attribute of youngsters: hand eye coordination. While playing any musical instrument can be a boon to the development of this important skill, this musical toy is specifically designed for such learning.

With this toy, your baby has the ability to pound away with the hammer as they create a variety of melodies and sounds. As they grasp it with their newly acquired motor skills, they will have to learn how to strike the keys correctly in order to produce the sounds that they want.

Additionally, they will encounter a whole new challenge when attempting to grasp and control the balls above the xylophone. While their small hands might struggle at first to hold tightly, these different shapes and tools will help them develop their motor skills and understand the many uses for their brand new hands and feet.


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