5 Ways to Encourage Positive Thinking in Kids

With many chores to deal with on a daily basis, and in the face of a crammed schedule filled with sports, school, and other kids activities, it can become easy for your child to lose their positive demeanor, and instead focus on the negative aspects of each day. But while this type of attitude may be acceptable once in awhile, letting it fester can hinder your child’s positive thinking, and may even become a lasting habit.

If you want to support positive thinking in kids in your home, try these five simple encouragement ideas to get their minds in the right place!

1. Separate Thoughts

If your child has developed a pattern of negative thinking, then they may claim that virtually everything in their life has a miserable aspect. But while this can be the case, often times children may be pointing out negative things that actually ring true in life. For example, it is generally false for a child to claim that they are bad at everything, but they may point out objectively that they are the slowest runner in their class.

If your child has a habit of doing this, discuss with them their thoughts on these negative factors, and how while they may be less proficient at one thing, their talents and abilities lie in other places.

2. Don’t Put Blame

When your child is making negative claims, the last thing you should do is blame their attitude. Instead, tell your child that the “negative monster” is acting up again, and that it is important to fight the creature with positive thinking and mannerisms. This will turn optimism into a fun game.

3. Talk About the Good in Everything

True, there may be many unpleasant aspects of day-to-day life, but focusing on these will only make things difficult for both you and your children. Instead, consistently point out the good in a situation; doing this will show your child how easy it is to hone in on the wonderful things in life while sweeping the less fortunate things aside.

4. Talk About It

If your child has been in a rut of negative thinking lately, they may simply have something on their mind that they wish to discuss with anyone that will listen. When your child makes a negative claim, sit down with them and ask them about what may be bothering them. Often times your little one may be concerned about an upcoming event, or worried about a situation with their friends. Having a open conversation can help them rationalize their ideas.

5. Celebrate Your Child

There is no better way to strengthen a positive attitude in your little one than by celebrating their achievements daily. Whether it is a good mark in school, a beautiful arts and crafts project, or even a new skill they have developed, positive encouragement can boost their mood and enforce positive thinking throughout their entire lives.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Although the world may be a wonderful place, it is often easy for our children to get in a rut and focus on the unfortunate things in life. If this starts to happen, try these simple positive thinking kids activities and ideas to shut away the negativity and focus on the good


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