Enjoy the Snow While it Lasts

With how harsh the winter months have been this year, it is more than likely that you are ready to be rid of the snow that covers your house and yard. But even though the powder may be frigid and wet, leaving you chilled to the bone each time you leave the comfort of your home, it can actually help provide a few simple snow activities for kids that keep your children active and entertained until the weather warms up. If you want to make the best of the rest of this winter, try these few fun snow activities for kids for a day of outdoor fun for you and the family.

Grab the Sled

A tried-and-true classic, sledding is a wonderful way to enjoy the chilly days away from the computers, tablets, and other electronics that your children might love. And if you want to get the perfect item to complete the experience, get your kids the Zipify Sled for a day of outdoor fun. This kids sled puts your little ones in the racing seat as they go sledding down a local hill, and will help you all forget about the blustery temperatures whipping at your cheeks.

Make a Snow Family

If your children love arts and crafts inside of the house, take the fun outdoors and have them create a life-sized version of everyone in the whole family. Start by making a snowman and snowwoman to represent the parents, and continue on by crafting icy imitations of the children, grandparents, cousins, pets, and anyone else that you want. You can use this easy snow activity for kids to spend time outside for a few hours, or even make a whole day out of it with the children that you love.

Go for a Nature Walk

One of the most miraculous things about the winter is its incredibly pristine nature, always preserving any tracks or signs of wildlife that may have passed by throughout the day. And if your little ones love animals and the outdoors, exploring the wide world during the winter months can yield you a variety of new discoveries that your children are sure to enjoy. You can look for animal tracks in the snow, grab a pair of binoculars to spot birds in the trees, or even just go for an afternoon hike to connect with the wonder of nature.

Examine Snow Flakes

If you haven’t yet examined snowflakes with your children under a microscope, this winter is the perfect time to try out this great snow activity for kids. Snowflakes are extremely beautiful creations, nature’s own arts and craft creation. And because each snowflake is entirely different from the next, every one that you scrutinize will be a new experience. If you have a small microscope, bring that outside to examine the flakes. If not, use a magnifying glass and have some fun with the little ones!

Enjoy the Rest of the Winter

Don’t let the winter blues get you down this year. Instead, enjoy the rest of the chilly months with these great snow activities for kids!


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