Explore, Discover and Learn—Science for Kids

Science doesn’t have to be a confusing world of things we don’t understand. It’s everywhere, and learning about it with your children can be a fun and easy process. Science activities for kids can also be exciting, hands-on experiences that teach about how the world works.

Before you begin having fun with science though, it’s good idea to start with a few simple steps.

What Do They Want to Know?

The most important part of beginning a science activity with your children is figuring out what sparks their curiosity. It could be anything from why the wind blows, to how plants grow, but fueling their passion will keep their interests for longer.

If they love airplanes, why not try teaching them how a plane glides in the air?

Or if they love the moon and the stars, how about a lesson on why the sun shines, or how big the universe really is?

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to teach them basic things about the world around them.

Where to Start?

The next step is figuring out how to structure your science activity for your children. This will be age-dependent, but starting with something simple can keep your children from getting frustrated. If they get everything right away, scale up as needed.

For an idea, if your children want to know why the flowers keep on growing, teach them the connection between the sun, the flowers, and water, and then put them in charge of growing a plant for a few months. You’ll see the excitement in their eyes when the first petals peek through.

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Or if they want to know about things invisible to the eye, explain to them the existence of germs and bacteria, and then take them to use a microscope so they can see for themselves.

Finding Resources

If you’re not a scientist, don’t worry. There are plenty of science activities for kids, but you just have to know where to look.

If you remember any from your days in school, like the model volcano or egg-in-the-bottle trick, then go ahead and give it a try with your own children. Or if you happen to have a science hobby, then you can share it together.

For others though, the Internet has a variety of resources that can give you science projects for kids that cater to time and budget. A quick search of ‘science for kids’ should bring back enough results to keep you busy for a while.

Get Out in the World

Another great way to start having science fun with your children is by taking classes with them. Ask at your local library if they are hosting any upcoming kids science classes, or head to the planetarium and see what the schedule is on group star showings.

You may also search your local rec center, which often times will provide science discovery activities for kids, usually over the summer months. These are a great way to get your children around other youngsters who are interested in the same things.

Science is Everywhere

While science activities can be a great source of entertainment for you and your children, it’s important to remember that having your children learn about science can be as simple as walking out the door, asking questions, and telling them all of the cool science things you already know.


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