8 Things for Fathers and Sons to Do Together

As the father of a little boy, you may find yourself often swamped with home and work activities that leave you with very little free time for yourself or the family. Of course though, it is important that you make time in order to show your son your true dedication and love for him always. And there is no better way to project this commitment than by doing some great father and son activities. Here are a few father and son activities that will leave you both with smiles on your faces.

1. Go to the Ball Game

Taking your son to a ball game, or even doing some fun outdoor activity, is a great father and son activity during a warm summer day. You can teach your son a new skill, watch the game together, and talk about life as you watch the outdoor play.

2. Play Video Games

While sitting down for an afternoon of video games may not be as productive as outdoor play, using the Wii together is the perfect father and son activity for a rainy day – it’s fun, interactive, and a wonderful way to bond with your little boy.

3. Camp Out Together

Camping together is an exciting father and son activity that can strengthen your relationship and build trust. And don’t worry, you don’t need to head hours into the mountains for this type of fun – simply find any place you can pitch a tent and build a fire, and get ready for some back-to-nature quality time.

4. Ride Bikes

You most likely taught him how to ride, so use the bicycle as a chance to have a great father and son activity together. Explore the town, ride around the neighborhood, and use this outdoor activity as a way to talk about anything you want.

5. Geocache as a Pair

Don’t know what a geocache is? It is a link into a worldwide outdoor activity that is something of an international treasure hunt. Participants hide things and input their GPS coordinates into a website, forcing others to seek them out on their own time.

And if you want to get into this fun outdoor activity together, get the Hide & Seek Geocache toy for your little boy. This geocache starter kid is all you will need to head out and find treasures as a pair!

Hide & Seek Geocache available at imaginetoys.com

6. Do Housework

Washing dishes, doing laundry, building something in the garage – you can turn any of these simple activities into a great father and son activity in which you teach your little boy something new and innovative about the world around him.

7. Go Fishing

There is a reason there are so many nostalgic stories about sons fishing with fathers – it just happens to be some of the best quality time you can spend as a pair. Take your son fishing to any body of water you would like, and get ready for a day of solitude with just the two of you. And remember, no matter how many fish you catch, what’s most important is that you connect as a family.

8. Read Together

No matter the age of your son, there is a good chance that he loves the mystery and intrigue that comes with different children books. But as he gets older, this may start to fade if you don’t enforce a love for literature.

Keep the fire going then by having a father and son reading activity day. He can pick his favorite book for you to read together, you can tell him about your favorite book as a child, or you can even write one on your own for some great quality time.

Have Fun with Your Son!

Don’t let yourself get too busy to hang out with your little boy. And if you are looking for something fun to do, try these great father and son activities to have a wonderful time together!


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