8 Father and Son Activities You Have to Do This Summer

As a father, there is no time better than the summer months to hang out with the son you love. He’s not in school, and you may have more time to spare away from work, allowing you to carve out time to spend quality time together.

And if you need some fun ideas, here are eight father and son activities to help you bond this summer until the fall arrives again:

1. Camping

Going camping is the perfect father and son activity to bring you together for quality time. You can head up into the mountains and pick a campsite as a pair, and spend the time teaching your son how to fish, set up a tent, or do anything else that you want in nature.

2. Go for a Road Trip

Cars and men seem to go together, so take some time this summer to spend time with the little guy by going on a road trip together. Pick a place on the map, and drive off into the warm summer air, enjoying the quality time as a pair.

3. Teach Him How to Ride a Bike

If your little one hasn’t yet learned how to ride a bike, pick him up a set of wheels, bring him out to the street, and teach him how to cruise along. You can start with training wheels in the beginning, and if he learns fast enough you may be able to go on a joint ride together at the end of the summer.

4. Work in the Garden

One of the best things a little one can learn is how to work in the dirt and plant a garden. If you have space in your backyard, pick out an area for a vegetable plot, and plant a few things that will grow by the time the fall comes.

5. Tell Him Stories

A great way to bond with your child is by telling them stories of when you were growing up, and things you used to experience with your very own parents. You can also have your child ask you questions and answer anything they’re curious about.

6. Watch Baseball

If your little one loves to play baseball (or any other sport), take him to a sporting event together and watch from the stands. You can talk to him about the plays, or even tell him stories about how you used to be a star player when you were his age.

7. Volunteer Together

The world always needs an extra helping hand, and you can teach your little one the importance of helping out by volunteering together this summer. Try heading to serve food at a food bank, walking dogs at a humane society, or even reading to the elderly in local nursing homes.

8. Just Talk

Something that fathers and sons often forget to do throughout the course of their youth is simply talk about things in their lives. Pick out an hour each week to sit down with the little guy and talk to him about life. You may find out something that you never knew!

Fun Activities to Do with Father and Son

Don’t let the summer pass by without hanging out just you and the little guy. And for some fun, try these eight great fun activities to do that you can share together.


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