October is Fire Safety Month

As the parent or parents of young children, it is extremely important that you stress the importance of proper safety at all times throughout life. Whether this is through reminders, demonstrations, classes, or any other medium, showing your children the necessity for diligent safety practices can ensure they are always prepared for any unfortunate situation.

And there is no better time to do it than the spookiest month of the year, as October happens to be fire safety month, a time when you can show your children what to do in the event of accidental flames. So the next chance you get, remind your children of these circumstances and solutions to make sure everyone is happy and healthy throughout the year.

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Your children may hear this constantly in school, or may have heard it when watching television, but you absolutely cannot stress this practice enough. Remind your children that if anything on them ever catches fire, they must stop, drop, and roll immediately in order to quell the flames.

To make sure they fully comprehend this, try an interactive activity with them doing this a few times – showing they can perform this act will ensure their safety in the event of an emergency.

Matches Are for Adults

There is a good chance that you have matches somewhere in your house, whether they are for lighting candles, turning on a grill, or for anything else just in case. And of course, matches are the last things you want your children to be playing with.

Instead of shunning your children away from these items though, make a point to show them what they do, and stress the necessity for your kids to never play with them without the supervision of an adult. Treating your children in this manner will raise the chances that they leave the matches alone.

Stay Away from Outlets

This isn’t a commonly discussed issue during fire safety month, yet it should certainly be discussed with any children that may find interest in electrical outlets. Because outlets can easily spark, make sure your kids understand that they should only use them with adult supervision, and that by no means should they ever be used as a toy.

Plan in Case of a Fire

If you live in an arid, fire-prone climate, you may spend each spring and summer worrying about the possibility of a vicious fire season. And these worries will naturally increase when you have children running around for whom you are constantly responsible.

To put your mind at rest though, sit down with your children and the rest of your family one day, and draw up a fire escape plan that everyone knows in case of emergency. This includes routes that should be followed, alternative routes in case of blockage, and anything else that you believe is pertinent to the well being of your family in the event of an emergency. This will leave everyone prepared, and ease the worries that you may have already.

Stay Safe This October

It is extremely important that you and your family stay safe at all times. So this October, talk to your kids about fire safety month to educate the little ones and learn about how to safe and secure wherever you go.


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