10 Free Summer Activities for Kids

The summer is filled with endless fun activities that your children can enjoy. Often though, many sanctioned activities, or even those at a specific location, can cost quite a bit, and may have a low-cost alternative.

If you are looking to provide your kids with endless fun this summer, all while saving a bit of extra money, try these ten free summer activities that are just as great as the rest.

1. Camping

Requiring no more than a tent and some sleeping bags, camping is the perfect way to save money while enjoying nature. Head up to the mountains to a clear campsite, or even just set up camp in the backyard. This is also the perfect time to try stargazing and making s’mores, two summer break favorites.

2. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Write down a few small nature items on pieces of paper, hand these out to your children, and head out into the backyard (or local park or hiking trail) together to collect everything you can find with this easy summer break activity.

3. Learn a New Sport

Whether your child wants to learn how to rollerblade, swim, or even play tennis, summer is the perfect time to teach them the basics of a new sport. If they fall in love with one of them, sign them up with a school-associated program in autumn, which generally have fewer associated costs.

4. Go to a Parade, Fair, or Outdoor Market

Summer break is usually filled with different types of outdoor setups, like fairs, parades or markets. When one shows up in your town, head outside with your kids to watch or participate, and enjoy the day without spending anything.

5. Bike Somewhere New

Leave the car keys at home this summer break, and try taking a short daytrip on your bicycles. Pack all of the snacks you may need, as well as sunscreen, water, and a map (just in case!). Set a route for your trip, and spend the whole day cycling around and enjoying nature.

6. Make Up a New Game

Whether a card game, board game, or new sport outdoors, spend an afternoon with your children creating a new fun activity for kids from your own minds. This will stretch your children’s imagination, and require them to think logically in order to craft the perfect new game.

7. Make a “Farm to Table” Meal

In many locations throughout the country, there are farms popping up that let people come and buy vegetables and other meal ingredients on the spot. Find a location nearby, and head to the farm to pick out all of the food you will need for a delicious meal. Then, head home and cook it together, and enjoy this fun activity for kids!

8. Swim in a Lake or Reservoir

Going to the pool can be an expensive endeavor, as many pools charge exorbitant entry fees, even for children. Avoid that cost this summer by traveling to a local lake or reservoir and enjoying the water in nature. Make sure it’s staffed by a lifeguard or similar service though before you try this activity for kids.

9. Volunteer at the Humane Society

If your kids love animals, and love to help out around the house, try combining these passions by spending a day volunteering at the humane society. Often times local humane societies will let families walk or play with dogs at certain periods throughout the day. Or, if you are lucky, your kids may even get a chance to help feed the animals!

10. Try a Library Day

Local libraries often contain entire children’s sections that are filled with exciting books that your children will love. Spend a day at the library, and pick out a few books to take home and read at night. Your local library may even host book reading sessions, during which you can sit down and listen with children of all ages.

Save Some Money, but Don’t Spare the Fun

Having your children enjoy the summer shouldn’t be a matter of how much you are willing to spend. Instead, try these ten free summer break activities for kids that will keep you busy until school starts again.


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