You’ve Got a Friend in Dad

As parents, we all know how hard dad works to ensure the safety and happiness of the little ones in our lives. Dad is always there to take care of the kids when they’re sick, play outside with them when the sun is shining, and offer them words of encouragement or advice when they need it most. Overall, dad is an integral part of shaping your children into the wonderful people they will turn out to be.

And at Imagine Toys® we truly appreciate the relationship that many fathers share with their children, which is why we decided to create a plush toy stuffed animal that reflects the bond between and his kids. Bring it home to your kids today for a wonderful gift that can remind them how much they care for dad.

Pick Up the Papa & Baby Bear Play Set

If your kids love to go to sleep with plush toy stuffed animals at night, then they will surely love the new Papa & Baby Bear Play Set available from Imagine Toys®. This adorable new stuffed bear set comes with a papa bear carrying a small plush fishing bag and other accessories, as well as a baby bear that can hold his hand, walk beside him, or crawl up onto his shoulders for a ride. Baby bear can even crawl into a pocket inside of papa bear’s tummy and stare out at the world in front of him.

Papa & Baby Bear Play Set, available at

This wonderful set of plush bear toys are soft, and will be the perfect addition to the crib of a baby just learning about the world. These stuffed bears can keep your little one company as they go to sleep at night, and be the first thing to wake them up as the sun rises in the morning. And of course, as the child you love grows older, they will always have papa bear and baby bear to remind them of the love they share with their father.

Time for Dad and the Kids

Although dad may truly love the little ones, he may often struggle to find quality time for them due to work or other responsibilities on his plate. And of course, this robs the entire family of spending time with the man they love most.

If you can find some spare time for him then, have dad carve out some alone time that he can spend with the kids during the weekend, after school, or even before he tucks them in at night. While he may be busy throughout the day, even a few minutes right after dinner or before bed can allow dad to shed all of the stressors of the day as he plays with the kids in his life. A simple action like this can help ensure a happy relationship between everyone in the family.

A Plush Toy to Keep for Life

Stuffed animals are wonderful toys because they can act as great mementos later on in life. And if you want something wonderful that you can keep in the family forever, bring home this new stuffed bear animal toy for the little one and their father.


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