Fun for Kids in the Great Outdoors

With the weather heating up, there’s nothing better than getting your kids to head outside and play in the sun. There’s no end to the amount of outdoor games for your little ones, and a little bit of imagination will go a long way. Here are a few kids’ activities you can try for some fun in the sun!

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-Hopscotch – Remember how much fun you used to have in the schoolyard hopping on one foot while singing silly rhymes? Draw a few squares in the street and share your memories with your own children. Hop forwards, hop backwards, and show them all the variations you can think of.

-Bike riding – Whether your child’s testing their first set of training wheels, or flying down the street on their own cruiser, riding a bike can provide endless amounts of fun. You can hop on your cycle too and take a family tour of the neighborhood. Just be sure to wear your helmets!

-Jumping rope – If hopscotch makes you nostalgic, then jumping rope should carry you right down memory lane. You don’t need a special jump rope for this. All you need is a long enough piece of rope, a few old rhymes to teach your kids, and a pair of quick feet. You can do this one-on-one with your child, or you can bring the whole block for a neighborhood game.

-Playing in the Water – If there’s a local pond or creek in your area, you wouldn’t believe how much fun you can have! Take your child there on a hot day and let them explore the shallow part under your supervision. Point out all the different things you can see beneath the surface. And if it’s allowed, bring some crackers or chips and feed anything that’s daring enough to come close. Tossing some crumbs in the water can attract anything from fish to ducks, and will surely fascinate your youngsters.

-Kickball, soccer, or just playing catch – Balls come in all shapes and sizes, and can turn a boring day into an all-day game. If your child isn’t used to playing games, start with a simple game of catch to turn them onto the idea. If they’re a regular sports star, let them have fun by practicing pitching with you, or by seeing how far apart you can stand and still throw the ball. If you’ve got a soccer ball on your hands, playing a game of pass or seeing how far you can kick it can be fun activities. And once you get a few kids involved, a ball can turn into a game with any rules they want!

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If you’re looking for more ideas for games, try asking your child what they do at school during recess, and have them bring the fun to your own backyard. If they need more kids to make it fun, ask them to invite their friends back home after school and let the fun begin!


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