3 Ways to Have Fun with Bubbles

As your children begin to spend more time outside during the warmer months, it’s important to find safe activities that will keep them entertained while fueling their imaginations. Using bubbles in a variety of ways is a sure bet to satisfy these criteria and please your children. So once you have a few wands and some formula, here are three outdoor activities that include fun with bubbles and entertain your kids until school starts again.

Be One with the Bubble

Can you imagine how excited your child would be if they actually got to stand inside of a bubble? Now you can make their dream come true with this simple outdoor game.

First, you’ll need a kiddie pool, a hula-hoop, and a large amount of bubble solution. Fill the entire pool with the bubble solution, and have your child stand in the center with their arms down at their sides. Place the hula-hoop over their heads, lower it so that it is fully immersed in the bubble solution, and slowly raise it and watch as your child gets surrounded by a gigantic bubble.

See how long they can last inside the bubble without popping it, and play around by having them strike different poses as they’re cut off from the outside world. And don’t worry – they’ll still be able to breathe just fine from inside the bubble.

All Shapes and Sizes

If your children enjoy blowing bubbles in a circular shape, then they’ll love mixing it up with different supplies in this fun outdoor game. A variety of tools can be used to blow bubbles, as long as they have holes with which to hold the formula. Grab spatulas, plastic rings, and even cookie cutters to create bubble shapes that your children will love to see. Make sure to take pictures of the bubbles they love best to keep the memories alive forever.

Bubble Art

Blowing bubbles is already fun, but bubble painting will make your child squeal with glee! Head to your local art supply store and grab a variety of colors of tempura paint. Pour a good amount of bubble solution into a few different containers, and add drops of the tempura paint to create different colors in each.

Once you have your supplies, find your medium for bubble painting. This could be canvas, white cardboard, or regular old paper – almost anything will do! Have your child dip they’re tool of choice in the colored bubble solution, and then blow their bubbles towards their medium of choice. As the bubbles pop, they’ll create different designs depending on how they impact. See if your child wants to create specific designs, or let them go wild with their new arts and crafts toy!

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Bubbles Everywhere!

Playing with bubbles can be a great activity for kids on a hot summer day. It allows them to relax, have fun, and experiment with these bizarre new floating shapes. And with these fun outdoor activities, your children will spend the summer watching bubbles fly through the air.


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