Get Movin’ and Feel the Play

Now that the warmer months are finally upon us, it may seem a little bit easier to shake the chill of winter and go move around. And since the spring and summer seasons come with beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see, getting outdoors and enjoying the world is a must see this year.

But even if you are ready to move about this summer for some fun physical activity, your children may be a bit more reluctant to get started. If that’s the case, Imagine Toys® now has a new kids workout active toy to get the little ones moving around and jumping down as they have a blast!

Introducing the Jammin’ Gym from Imagine Toys®

At a young age, physical activity for children should not be strictly about having them get some exercise, but should instead be about having your children jump, shake, and simply move around in order to have a good time. Physical activity stimulates chemical processes in the brain, which in turn will lead to a happier, healthy child.

Jammin' Gym

So if you want to have your child move and shake this year, set them up with the new Jammin’ Gym kids workout toy from Imagine Toys®. This great new active toy for kids looks like a regular dumbbell seen in weight room across the country, yet provides so much more than a simple piece of metal. As your child holds this fun toy for kids in their hands, it will call out a variety of fun workout moves that the children can do together. Altogether, this kids toy has a total of 65 different actions stored within, all that your children will love doing with their friends. This year, all you need is this new kids toy and some active children to shake things up during playtime.

The Importance of Physical Activity in Children

Of course, while this fun toy for kids is great to keep the little ones busy, it is also beneficial in that it supports a healthy lifestyle for young children. The importance of physical activity for children is often not emphasized enough in many families, leading to unhealthy choices made throughout generations.

In order to keep your kids healthy then, make sure that you are stressing the importance of physical activity throughout their entire lives. Note that this does not mean you should involve them in exercise routines; instead, try enrolling them in sports classes or leagues with other peers, which combines physical activity with social interaction among other kids. With this, if your children don’t immediately jump at the idea of getting involved in sports, suggest that you try playing different active games together as a family; they may be interested in jumping and moving around if their mom or dad does it as well.

Active Kids Are Happy and Healthy Kids

There is no denying it: kids are generally the happiest when they are moving and shaking about. So if you want to see a broad smile across the child you, bring home this new fun toy for kids and get ready to move!


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