7 Ways to Get Your Kids Ready to Go Back to School

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The end of the summer may bring a relief from the heat, but it also signifies the impending start of a new year in school for your child. From early mornings making breakfast and lunch, to trips back and forth to school and home for pickups and drop-offs, you will need to start planning in order to be ready for a busy schedule.

But all of the responsibility is not on you, though, and you will need to help your child get ready for another year in the classroom. So as the summer winds down, try these seven simple activities to ensure a happy and educational year back in school.

1. Sleep on a Schedule

For many children, summer can be a time to stay up late and hang out with mom and dad long after the sun goes down. And while this can be fun during the warmer months, it is no way to guarantee a rested child for school. For a few weeks before summer ends, starting setting a sleep schedule to make sure your child is ready when the first bell rings.

2. Reading Practice

If you haven’t been working on your child’s reading skills this summer, now is the time to start. Practice spelling, reading, and writing skills to give your child a head start on the class work.

3. Talk About Expectations

Even if this isn’t your child’s first year in school, they might have questions and concerns about what to expect in the classroom. Talk to them each morning and night about these, and make sure they are starting this next year happy and ready to learn.

4. Play Classroom

Most kids love to play pretend, so why not turn it into a classroom game? Spend a few minutes each day pretending that you are the teacher, and that your child must follow the rules that are present in the classroom. Have your child raise their hand, ask questions formally, and obey any other guidelines – this will get them ready to settle down and get ready to learn.

5. Learning Games

Another great way to practice school skills is by playing learning games with your child. This can be anything from math games, to spelling games, to even science games – but adding fun into the mix can help your child get excited for another year away from home.

6. Go to School Early

Going into a new school building or even classroom can be a daunting prospect for any child. Instead of surprising them on the first day of school, escort your child in a few days or even weeks early and walk around. Getting your kid comfortable with the surroundings will ease any fears or concerns they might have about life in a new place.

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7. The First Day of School is the Most Important

No matter what you do to prepare, the first day of school is the most important for your child. Make sure that you all wake up early enough, and prepare everything your child might need for the first day (breakfast, lunch, backpack, supplies, etc.). Take them to the classroom yourself, and send them off knowing that you will be right there to pick them up in only a few hours.

Back to School!

Don’t let the first bell for school catch you by surprise. Use these seven fun and easy steps to get ready with your child, and send them back to school ready to learn!


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