Gifts From the Heart for Grandparent’s Day

Grandparents are an extremely important part of the life of any child. Whether your child sees them every day, or once a year, each occasion is a chance for both parties to strengthen their bond together. Your children’s grandparents are committed to the love and protection of the little ones, and your children see their grandparents as characters of love and devotion.

So have your children show their appreciation this year by making a great gift for Grandparent’s Day. Here are a few ideas for your youngsters to win the hearts of their grandparents.

Write a Poem – “Why I Love My Grandparents”

If your children are old enough to write, then having them author a short poem on their love for their grandparents will be sure to elicit smiles, and even tears of joy. Your children can write accounts of time spent together, or simply what they appreciate about their grandparents – and once they are finished, have them color and decorate it to make it a true gift from the heart.

Spend a Day Together

Nothing quite says “love” like offering to spend a full day with someone else. So suggest to your children that they commit to a whole day of fun and excitement with their grandparents, and they can give this as a gift. It can be a day spent at the zoo, having a picnic, or simply telling stories about times long ago – as long as the children and grandparents are spending time enjoying one another.

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Write a Story About an Adventure Together

If your children like to tell stories, and love the prospect of adventure, have them write their own story about a fictional adventure or journey they went on with their own grandparents. It can be a story about how they were pirates on the high seas, or a tale of mystery set in medieval times – whatever the topic may be, make sure that your children include them and their grandparents as key characters. The grandparents will be delighted to see their own names in this new literary masterpiece – they will love this gift for grandparent’s day.

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Doing Work for a Day

If your children’s grandparents are currently living at home, then they likely have a variety of chores and errands that they must complete just like anyone else. And if they don’t have anyone to help, it might get tough to take care of each and every day.

So this Grandparent’s Day, suggest that your children offer to help out around their house for an entire day, or even for a whole weekend. This can include performing chores like doing dishes, vacuuming, cleaning the garden, or anything else necessary. If any shopping needs to be done, have your children accompany their grandparents for an extra pair of helpers in the store.

Any bit of extra help will be appreciated by the grandparents, and your children will be able to spend more quality time with another pair of people they love.

Give a Great Gift for Grandparent’s Day

Giving a gift for Grandparent’s Day is the perfect chance for your children to show their love and appreciation for this important couple in their lives. So before September 8th comes, have your children try one of these great gifts to bring love into the lives of the grandparents they adore.


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