9 Spooky Halloween Crafts For Kids

It is never too early to start looking forward to Halloween! This spooky holiday means hot cocoa on chilly fall days, fun costume parties with your children, and a night full of traipsing around the neighborhood in search of tasty treats.

But if you have a few moments to spare this October, try doing a few craft projects with your kids to truly set the holiday tone. Here are nine kids arts and crafts projects that are spooky, scary, and are perfect for All Hallow’s Eve!

1. Paper Cutout Spiders

If you are looking for a great house decoration on Halloween, this is a wonderful option. For this, you will need a long strip of construction paper folded over and over again in equal parts. Search for a creepy spider template, and draw it on one side of the folded parts. Cut along the lines of the template, and unfold it to show off your new spider cutout decoration!

2. Eyeball Wreath

This is a good decoration to spook people when they come to your door! You will need a black foam wreath, pins, and about 100 glow-in-the-dark rubber eyeballs. Stick the large end of the pin into the rubber balls, and the sharp end into the wreath. Continue doing this until the whole wreath is covered, and you will find yourself with a terrifying door decoration!

3. Bat Sock Puppet

Create some spooky drama with this creation! You will need a black sock, black felt, white felt, and two red buttons. Stitch two black felt triangles on the side for wings, and sew on two red buttons for eyes – then two small white triangles for teeth. Now stick your hand in the sock and watch the bat fly around the room.

4. Doormat Spiderweb

For this creepy welcome mat you need a black mat and string. Find a cobweb pattern you like, and lay the string across the mat to mimic the look of a disgusting web!

5. Jack o’ Lanterns

Recreate a holiday tradition with this fun activity. Go pick out pumpkins together as a family, and sit down at the table to carve any shape or face that your children would like!

6. Candles in Candy Corn

Decorate your kitchen table with this fun project. Take a regular orange or black candle and set it in a mason jar. Fill the jar with a small amount of candy corn, and you have a festive addition to the Halloween fun!

7. Pumpkin Candles

If you have a few small leftover pumpkins, put them to good use and light up your home. Simply cut a hole in the top and place a candle in the inside – they will cast an eerie glow that your children are sure to love.

8. Milk Jug Lanterns

This is another great way to light up your home with some recycled materials. Take any leftover gallon jugs, and paint Jack o’ Lantern faces on the side. When it gets dark, you can place small candles inside them to fill your home with these spooky sources of light!

9. Build Your Own Candy Container

On Halloween, many children simply take pillowcases to fill with all of their collected candy. This year, though, try creating a homemade candy holder that will impress the neighborhood.

All you will need is an orange pail and some kids arts and crafts supplies. On the outside of the pail, have your child draw whatever spooky decoration they want. You can add to this with glitter, googley-eyes, paint, or anything else you wish. Now you can escort them around the neighborhood in style!

Spooky Halloween Fun

The arrival of Halloween means more than just a sugar rush for your little ones. Try these fun kids arts and crafts projects to put your art skills to use and celebrate this holiday in spooky style!


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