7 Halloween Craft Projects to Do With Your Kids

Remember – the summer months are only here to stay for a while! Soon autumn will creep back, the days will get shorter, and the kids will be off to school. But all the fun doesn’t have to end, though, when the leaves fall off the trees. Fall brings one of the most fun and exciting holidays for both children and parents alike – Halloween! This frightful night allows for plenty of preparations with your children, and is the perfect time of year to engage in family arts and crafts projects together. So before the spooking begins, here are seven Halloween craft projects for you and your kids to have some fun – and maybe a few frights!

1. Pumpkin Pouches

One of the most well known representations of Halloween are brilliant orange pumpkins – so why not let your child create their own? Get a piece of orange felt, some green ribbon, and pieces of black material that you can cut out. Line the orange felt with the green ribbon to act as the pumpkin’s stem, and cut the black material out in the shapes of spooky eyes, noses, and mouths!

2. Jack-o’-Lantern

Making a face out of a pumpkin is some of the most fun you can have with children. Let them paint on their favorite designs to their orange squash, or get them a stencil to create a beautiful masterpiece. And to prevent any accidents, though, keep the knife out of their hands, and do all of the cutting yourself.

3. Ghost Glove Puppets

Finger puppets can be a lot of fun, and now you can add some spook with this easy Halloween craft. Take a tissue and place it over the tips of your fingers pinched together. Then, wrap a piece of black ribbon or string around the middle, having the top puff up like a ghost head, and the bottom flowing about like its body. Decorate the top with eyes, a nose, and a mouth, and have it fly about through the night!

4. Bookmark Broomstick

Your child will fly through the pages with this fun Halloween craft. Take a popsicle stick, some glue, and a small piece of foam. Cut the foam into the shape of the bottom of a broom, and glue it to the base of the popsicle stick. Now your kid has a witch’s broomstick they can use to mark places in their favorite book.

5. Spooky Lunch Bags

If you send your child to school each day with a packed lunch, add some Halloween fun with a great craft project. Try to find brown and orange bags, and let them decorate it like a pumpkin, witch, ghost, or any other Halloween character. It will give them a fun surprise when they open up their bag for lunch!

6. Get Caught in a Spider Web

This requires a small space in a room, and some walls that can handle tape. Get a roll of string, and tape one end to the floor. Next, unroll a bit, tape some high on one wall, and then lower it down to the floor again. Each time you tape the piece of string to a different surface it acts as another strand of the spider web. Do this as many times as you’d like, and you will wind up with a web inside of your own home!

7. Make Your Own Costume

Many children find pleasure in making their own costumes for trick or treating. Letting them decorate their own outfit will allow your child to add their own special flare to the design, and will give them a chance to create their own piece of clothing. And if you don’t know how to begin, you can always look online for a few inspired ideas.

A Frightening Night

As fall comes around the corner, it brings with it all the fun of Halloween arts and crafts. Try these Halloween craft projects with your children to have some fun and frights on the scariest night of the year.


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