Play Dress Up Beyond Halloween

While Halloween may be one of the most fun and imaginative holidays of the year that lets you dress up with your little ones, it doesn’t mean the pretend fun should end on November 1st. In fact, dressing up with your children occasionally throughout the year is a wonderful way to spend quality time while inspiring creative play. If you want the make believe excitement to continue throughout the year, try these fun ideas and get lost in your own imagination with your kids!

Pick a Time and Place

Before tossing on some costumes and dressing up like different characters, it is important to first find an appropriate place and time to play make believe. And once you decide upon these parameters, make sure your children understand that other, more serious endeavors will need to be free of make believe fun.

If you are thinking of ideas, try pretend fun during playtime with other kids, at a neighborhood party with friends, or even on trips to do errands. Each of these scenarios gives you a chance to have a wonderful pretend play adventure with your kids.

Pick a Costume

Of course, you don’t always need a costume for make believe play, as you can use your imaginations to create whatever you would like. For the exciting times you do want one for your kids though, pick up one of the great options from the Costume Selection. Dress your children up as chefs, pirates, construction workers, cowgirls, or anything else that you can find in this wonderful collection of make believe kids apparel.

Pick a Game

While you don’t necessarily need a game to go along with your dress up and make believe fun, the presence of a task or activity can help increase the fun and excitement drastically. For example, if your little girl is dressed up as a princess, imagine yourselves having a tea party with her closest royal friends, and make a game to come up with names and attributes of everyone on the guest list. Or if your little girl wants to dress up like a cowgirl, pretend that you have a variety of ranch tasks to complete, and get ready for some rowdy fun on the farm!

Additionally, don’t only have to have indoor fun with these costumes – dress your children up as explorers, firefighters, or even construction workers, and head outside to explore the world of make believe together!

Dress Up and Have Fun

Don’t let Halloween night be the last time you dress up for the whole year. Instead, pick a place and a costume, and get ready for some pretend play fun with the children you love.


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