Handprint and Footprint Kids Art Projects

Hands-on interactive kids arts and crafts projects are a great way to spend some time during the hot summer months. You can beat the heat by staying indoors for some finger painting, or hit the sidewalk for some a great time drawing with your feet. Either way, kids arts and crafts projects can be a great way to introduce your children to the world of art, and can help develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

For this summer, here are some hands-on (and feet-on) kids art projects that will use all four limbs to create a masterpiece.

Handimals (Hand and Feet Animals)

For this project all you will need is some paper (or any other medium for paint), some paint, and a space where you can get a little bit dirty. Have your children place their entire hands or feet in paint, and then place them on the paper however they’d like. Try to make each hand and footprint a different color, and make sure there is space in between each of them.

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Once they have finished making their prints, have your children decorate them into animals or creatures of any sort. For example, a footprint could turn into a ladybug, with the heel being the head and tentacles coming off of the side. Or a handprint could be a turkey, with each finger a feather. Let their imaginations run wild, and encourage your children to create the craziest creatures they can think of.

ABCs of the Hands and Feet

Similar to the project about, this fun kids arts and crafts project incorporates letters and words for a fun learning activity. If your children already know their letters, as well as how to spell basic words, try mixing together hand and footpainting with this fun letter game.

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Start with the letter A. Ask your children if they can think of a word that begins with A, or simply give them a suggestion. Once they’ve come up with something (such as apple or ant), have them use footprints or handprints to create pictures of the desired word. They can add details with extra paints afterwards, or include things such as googly-eyes on the face, but encourage them to only use their handprints or footprints to create the design of the word. This will force them to use their imaginations for how to make their new masterpiece.

Once you have finished with A, go through the entire alphabet (or as far as you’d like), painting new designs that correspond with each letter.

Family Portrait

For some great fun for you and your children, why not ask them to paint their entire family using only the prints of their hands and feet? Each print should represent a member of the family, and all should be done in a different color to distinguish one from another. The hand or footprint can be the head of the person, or can be their whole body. Once they’ve placed down enough prints to match everyone in the family, have them label each member and add individual details – things such as hair, eye color, hands and feet, and even clothing and jewelry. This fun art project will allow your child to draw a great portrait of their family using only the palms of their hands.

Give Yourself a Hand

While not commonly utilized, handprints and footprints can be used to create brilliant and colorful art. This summer, pick up some art supplies with your children and get ready for some hands-on fun!


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