7 Handmade Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it is time to come up with the perfect gift idea that dad will cherish forever. And if you want your little ones to give him something great on the big day, consider crafting your own handmade and homemade gift together. Here are seven Father’s Day gift ideas that dad is sure to love:

1. A Simple Card

Although a card may seem small and insignificant, it actually shows that you took the time to say a few things that you love about the recipient. And for an added personal touch, have the children make a handmade Father’s Day craft for the card, using pressed flowers, artistic drawings, or anything else that you would like.

2. Write a Family Story

If the little ones are old enough to read and write, sit down together and write a short story about the family. The children can illustrate each page to make a great gift for dad.

3. Handprint Painting

For a simple yet meaningful Father’s Day craft, pick up a piece of canvas and some non-toxic fingerpainting supplies, and have the kids press their hands against the medium with a hand full of paint. The resulting painting will give dad something he can treasure for the rest of his life.

4. Paint a Mug

If dad loves to drink coffee in the morning, get a plain white mug from the department store and some paint and paintbrushes. Have the children paint dad a picture on the mug, and sign it with their names. This handmade gift will bring a smile to dad’s face every morning.

5. Personalized DVD Covers

Take pictures of the kids, and use an online software to print them out in the shape of a DVD. You can then paste the printed pictures on top of each DVD in dad’s collection, giving him something to be proud of every time he watches a movie or listens to music.

6. “Best Dad” Trophy

This Father’s Day gift is part from a store, and part handmade. Have a trophy made that boldly claims “Best Dad” on the very front (this gift for dad works great if he already has a trophy collection for himself or for the kids). Then, decorate the trophy with pictures of the kids, personalized messages, and other decorations from the hands of the kids.

7. A Handmade Dinner

Dad probably loves to eat, and everything will taste so much better with a homemade meal that involved help from the children that he loves. Pick one of his favorite dishes, and give the kids jobs that will let them add their own personal touch without causing too much of a mess. Bon apetite!

Father’s Day and Great Gifts for Dad

There is no day better than Father’s Day to have the kids show their love for dad. And this year, try one of these seven fantastic handmade gift ideas to help dad have the best day of the year.


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