Look Out! Here Comes Little Chef

Multiple times throughout a single day your children get to see you make magic in the kitchen and whip up delicious snacks that they can enjoy. Using a variety of tools available to you in the kitchen, as well as your own skills and a bit of imagination, you take simple ingredients and combine them together to make some of your little ones’ favorite snacks and meals.

And because your children love you and want to partake in any activities that you are doing, there is a good chance that they would love to be involved in the cooking process in whatever way possible. So this week then, bring home a fun new wooden toy for your toddler that lets them play their own part in making food for the entire family.

Let Kids Cook in Their Imaginations with a Toddler Toy

Because cooking often involves sharp kitchen utensils, different sources of heat, and a variety of ingredients that, if spilled, could cause a massive cleanup in the kitchen, you may be wary to bring your toddler into the process of making meals. But as they see you each day cooking delicious treats, they may wish to get involved and help in whatever way they can.

If you want to let your little one participate in the kitchen with you then, but you don’t want to have to worry about every move that they make, consider picking up the new Barbecue Trolley wooden toy from Imagine Toys® this week. This fun new toddler toy will test the farthest reaches of your toddler’s imagination as they push around their very own barbecue cart, cooking up pretend meals for everyone along the way. This great new kids toy comes with a variety of different types of pretend plastic foods, including three tomatoes, two sausages, a piece of pork, one fish, and one piece of beef. And because your toddler needs a few utensils to pick up and serve the food, this kids toy also comes with a magnetic spatula and barbecue fork as well. Get ready to watch your toddler create a delicious meal with this new wooden push toy!

Barbecue Trolley available at imaginetoys.com

Bring Your Kids in the Kitchen

Of course, at a very young age it may be nearly impossible to involve your kids in the cooking process. But once they are able to handle simple responsibilities, try bringing your kids into the kitchen and letting them help out however they can. It doesn’t matter if they are only measuring liquids, separating ingredients, or even flipping pages of a cookbook for you; these small actions can help give them a better sense of appreciation for the food that gets put on the table in front of them, and will also provide them with a feeling of accomplishment for taking part in creating a delicious meal for the entire family.

Make a Meal with Your Toddlers

There’s no doubt about it: feeding a toddler each day can be a time-consuming process. So this week, let them take part of the responsibility and give them this great new wooden push toy to create a feast for you and the family!


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