How Many Words Can You Spell?

Out of all of the skills that may benefit your child at a very young age, spelling and basic literacy should always be at the top. Reading and writing can be extremely useful for a little one growing up, and introducing your child to the wonderful world of worlds when they are still just a toddler may help them better understand these concepts throughout the rest of their lives.

And if you want a fun and exciting way to spread the fun of word play fun to your little ones this week, then make sure to bring home something new from Imagine Toys® that spells nothing but fun during playtime with the kids!

A Toy That You Can Bring on Summer Vacation

Summer is the perfect time to head on vacation with the entire family. The kids finally have some time away from school, your spouse is free from the confines of work, and you all have time to forget about everything at home and head out into the world together.

To make sure you have the time of your lives though, if you have school-aged children in your home with whom you are traveling, you should bring with you a fun game that you can whip out at any time to play with the whole family. And for a great word game for kids that the entire family will love, pack the Jumbo Bananagrams word game for kids from Imagine Toys®. This fantastic new outdoor play kids game looks exactly like the original iteration of the activity, yet comes in a giant size that you can spread out over a larger area. With the giant tiles that come in this outdoor play kids game, your kids can race across an area to spell words, getting physical exercise all while learning about phonics, pronunciation, and overall basics of the English language.

Jumbo Bananagrams available at

Learn About Language with the Little Ones in Your life

Pronunciation and other word games are some of the most important types of activities that you can perform with your school-aged child. When a child first enters school, they are placed in an atmosphere with an entirely new group of kids, and in the presence of a completely new teacher who will preside over the classes throughout the rest of the year. If your child can already read, write, and even spell words at a high level, this top-notch performance may ensure that they are pushed harder during the school year, and that they pursue a higher level of academics whenever possible. Additionally, this ability to manipulate words and form sentences will help your child better communicate with both his friends in school, as well as his family when he comes back home for the day.

Learn How to Spell Words with Jumbo Bananagrams

If you are planning to play outside with your little ones this summer, make sure to pick up plenty of fun toys to have a blast. And if you want something both fun and educational for the whole family, grab this new outdoor game for kids that everyone will love.


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