How to Make Halloween Masks at Home

It can be extremely difficult to find the exact Halloween mask that your children want to wear at the end of October. Kids may often have very specific ideas of what they want to wear on Halloween, and it may take hours or even days to sift through the available options online or in the store to find the perfect fit – which may still not meet expectations.

If you truly want to offer your child a Halloween mask they love, though, why not commit to making it at home as a family? With a few simple arts and crafts supplies and some patience, you can make something that your child will proudly wear on All Hallows’ Eve.

To help you get started, here are a few tips on creating a Halloween mask at home.

First: Pick an Idea

The most important step in creating a Halloween mask at home with your children is deciding on the type of mask they want. Do they want a superhero mask? An animal mask? Something else entirely? Encourage your children to pick one or two different ideas for Halloween to help you get started.

Find Materials

One of the easiest ways to find supplies for your mask is to head to a local arts and crafts store and pick up paints and colored pencils, different types of cloth and other materials, and even some poster board. Or, if you want to be a bit more creative, consider utilizing materials that you have left over in your home, such as empty cardboard or cereal boxes, newspapers, and even pieces of paper left over from the mail. A variety of different kinds of materials can be combined to make an awesome finished product.

Create a Design

Once you have the supplies for your Halloween mask, sketch an initial design on a separate piece of paper. If your child has an idea of what they want the mask to look like, let them take the lead and draw a few sketches. If you both are still unsure of what you want, sketch out a few drawings to begin and pick one that you like.

Turn Your Design into a Reality

After you have both selected a favorite design that looks possible to make, break out the arts and crafts supplies and get working. You can use glitter, glue, paint, tape, and a variety of other materials to help turn your Halloween mask design into a reality.

Put the Mask on Your Face and Go Trick or Treating with Friends

Creating your own Halloween mask is easily the hardest part of this homemade project. It requires a bit of creativity, some patience, and a few hours over one afternoon to create a finished mask. You will both need to dig into your imagination to come up with ways to make a beautiful mask together. But once the mask is finally ready, your child can put it on the night of October 31st and show it off for everyone in the neighborhood to see.

Printable Halloween Masks, click here to download


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