Look At Me! I Am a Robot!

Wouldn’t it be great to watch your children play with a little mechanical friend that’s made of nothing but basic technology and imagination? And isn’t it fun to spend time with your children, watching as they create new ideas and whole worlds with their amazing abilities to pretend? Well this week it’s time to put both together as you teach your child about the wonderful world of robots.

Model Your Own

Creating a robot toy is a lot easier than you may think. All you need is a few things from the kitchen, some glue, and any other arts and crafts supplies you want to decorate your child’s new mechanical friend.

Start with a large empty soup or coffee can. Strip the wrapper from it – this is now your robot’s body. Take a few drink lids and glue them to the can; these will be the knobs and dials you turn to control your robot’s actions. You can use googley-eyes, cardboard, and paper to decorate the robot’s face, and smaller soup cans or shakers to create a head and legs. If you can, search for some paint you can use to draw designs and logos on the new robot.

Once your finished creating the robot toy with your child, let them bring it wherever they’d like and introduce it to people as their mechanical pal. It can help them with chores, homework, or just be someone to play with in the backyard.

Robot in the Family

If your child likes the idea of making a toy robot, why not tell them that they can become one themselves? Outfitting them with a robot helmet and shirt can transform them into a little metal helper.

For the helmet, you’ll need a small cardboard box that will fit over your child’s head, and some tin foil. If there’s not already an opening, cut a hole in the box for your child’s face. Now apply glue or tape to the outside of the box, and liberally cover it with the foil. Once covered, add knobs and dials for activity control, or anything else that pleases your child.

Now you have a little robot in the family! They can talk in a robot voice, walk like a robot, or simply act like they’re being controlled by nothing other than technology!

A Real Robot

While making a toy robot can be a lot of fun, wouldn’t your child love a remote controlled robot they could play with on their own? Now your child can have exactly that with Circuit, the RC Robot. A little robot toy that runs on batteries, Circuit, the RC Robot is controlled by a small remote. He can move forwards and spin around, and will provide endless entertainment for any child over the age of three. If your child loves science and technology, they’ll love this new little friend that moves on its own.

Fun for the Future

Playing with toy robots can be a great way for your child to exercise their imagination and pretend during playtime. But if they like science, it can be a wonderful way to introduce them to technology and instill an urge to create things in the future.


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