Absolutely Incredible & Amazing Kids

Our children are some of the most absolutely incredible and amazing people in our lives. They amaze us each day with their new developments and accomplishments, and they are always eager to learn more each and every day.

And this year, don’t miss out on Absolutely Incredible Kids Day to celebrate these little ones that you love. Taking place today, March 15th, this national holiday is the perfect chance to try out these few fun ideas as a family:

Incredible and Amazing Kids Day

Have Your Kids Invent Something New

Do your children lover tinkering around with their toys, building new things from scratch? Do they enjoy basic arts and crafts projects, and using their imaginations to think up creative new ideas?

If so, use today to have your amazing kids invent something new for the family. They can use arts and crafts supplies, their kids toys, and anything else you may have to offer to create a brand new product. You can always use the local library for ideas, or even search on the Internet – and get ready to turn your creative kids into little inventors of the future!

Put on a Play Together

If your kids already know how to read, and enjoy diving into the world of children’s books, you can foster this love for reading and literature by writing a family play of your own, and having your amazing kids put on a performance for all to see. Start by thinking up a few ideas for a setting, for characters, and even for a basic plot, and help your children put them all onto paper. Once the play is fully written, find the perfect place for a stage, and get together costumes and props for everyone to wear. You can have your children memorize their lines, or even bring their pages onto the stage during the performance. And don’t forget to have an after party where you can celebrate the accomplishments of your creative kids!

Create a New Creature

Children of all ages are often fascinated by animals and other creatures that wander the world, and love to talk about them constantly. And if your little amazing kids also love to play with arts and crafts supplies, spend the day having them use their imaginations to create a whole new creature of their own.

Start by letting them draw an animal on paper, encouraging them to be as creative and wild as possible. Then, have your kids give the animal a scientific name, and have them add interesting facts about their new creation (for example, it may have ten feet, or it may be able to fly upside down). They can use the arts and crafts supplies to decorate their new creature as well. Make sure to hang this new piece of artwork somewhere so that the entire family can see.

Have Fun with Your Amazing Kids

Our amazing and creative kids fill our lives with so much light and joy. And this year, try these fun ideas to celebrate the wonderful children in your life!


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