Indoor Crafts Made Easy

Arguably the most alluring part of the summer months is, as a parent, the ability to send the kids outside to play for the whole day. Outdoor play encourages imagination and creativity, and gets the children away from the TVs and tablets that have become so ubiquitous in our society.

Unfortunately, the warmer months are now fading into fall and winter, with the resulting temps more conducive to indoor play with the kids. But just because your kids may be stuck inside for most of the time this winter, doesn’t mean they need to be glued to screens until spring arrives. Instead, consider sitting down with a few fun indoor art projects this year to add some education and inspiration to the mix. And if you aren’t sure where to get started, consider picking up a new kids arts and crafts project the whole family will love.

Let Your True Superhero Colors Shine with a New Homemade Cape

Do your children wish that they were superheroes, responsible for the well-being of the community? Would they love to don a cape and fly high above the city?

Well, you may not be able to give your little ones the gift of flight, but you can provide them with a cape to help fuel their imaginations. All you need this year is the Design Your Own Superhero Cape kids craft project from imagine toys®. With this fun indoor art project you and the kids can design and create your very own superhero cape and get ready to save the world. This kids craft project comes with a plain cape, some craft glue and a brush, some stars and shapes, colored pencils, and even a design page with tips on how to get started. The sky is the limit with this wonderful new cape-making kids craft project.

Start the Year Off Right with a Groovy Messenger Bag

Every kid needs a backpack or messenger bag to carry things around throughout the day at school. But do you want your child to have a regular old bag without any unique or personal characteristics? Or would you rather send them off to school with a sweet bag that they will show off to their friends and classmates?

To create a personalized messenger bag that your child will be proud to bring in to the first day of school, pick up the new Color a Groovy Messenger Bag kids arts and crafts set from imagine toys®. This fun and creative kids set comes with a brand new messenger bag and six different permanent markers to draw on the outside. But this messenger bag isn’t like the rest – instead, it comes complete with a groovy design on the outside that you can color in with the kids. Watch as a drab messenger bag turns into a creative style statement that you can drape across your shoulders.

Celebrate with Indoor Art Projects

Hanging out inside doesn’t have to be boring this year. All you need is a few creative kids crafts from imagine toys®, and you are ready to create a whole new work of art!


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